Galway Drama Club’s 2023 Play Update!

Kaitlyn D. and Kristina B.

Everyone walked in Ms. Booth’s room Friday after dismissal excited to hear what the new play is going to be. The paper for Bye Bye Birdy went bye-bye so quickly that the large paper fell, and had to be re-taped. Next they ripped off Shrek. Most were surprised by the news that it wasn’t going to be Shrek because Ms. Booth was wearing a Shrek the Musical t-shirt! Next, Grease was eliminated, followed by Oklahoma.  A lot of kids’ hopes were ripped off next: Spongebob. Ms. Booth said Spongebob was a consideration however the size of the current cast didn’t work for it and there were concerns over the need for sound effects. Gone was ripped off shortly after.  With only 3 possibilities left, the crowd was loud. Seussical was next to be taken off! It was down to two! The drumming of feet began. Would it be The Lion King or The Little Mermaid? Everyone was getting louder and louder. Slowly Lion King was taken off. The play will be The Little Mermaid!

There were more clues in the commercials and on the bulletin board than most people noticed to lead to The Little Mermaid. Did you look at the font? It was Arial! Did you notice where the clues were put? They were under the C! 

Ms. Booth, Ms. Keller, and the cast hope to see you at a show the weekend of April 1st!