In your name 


Kerringtyn Davis, Sr. High Staff Writer

In your name. 


The struggles of a young Black woman; articulated to fit their curves and african features. Suffocate them within the body they were shamed for having. 


As a young Black woman, I carry the world on my shoulders. 

As a young Black human, I create the paths of the future in the creases of my back. 


From my shoulder blades to the smallest part of my torso and hip dips. 

All the way back up to my hair and scalp that roots new growth to come. 


Hair that used to plan for escape. 

Backs that bore the punishment of resistance. 


This quote is written by Barbara Simi Muhumuza, author of for when you decide to be honest


Written for Breonna Taylor. 

Understood in the depths of my inner child, begging to be seen for who I was and growing into my power. 


As a young Black woman, I would burn cities to the ground, in your name.