The Office: Mrs. Derwin

Mikaela M. and Kristina B.

Most people know who Mrs. Derwin is, whether it was from the elementary library or you have just seen her around, but most people don’t know these fun facts about Mrs. Derwin…….

She started working at Galway in 1996. She says her favorite part of her job varies from elementary to high school. Her favorite part for elementary school is making the younger kids laugh and for high school it’s the random questions kids ask. Her least favorite part is dealing with poor student behavior. (Please remember to behave in the library).  Her favorite season is fall. Her birthday is close to being in fall. Only 20 days before it!  Her favorite holiday is in the fall though. She enjoys Halloween the best. Soccer is her favorite sport and pizza is her favorite food. She doesn’t have one favorite color; Her top choices are blue, purple, and green. She has a dog named Goose. Goose is a chocolate lab. In her free time she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her friends, family, and Goose.

She would like to thank Mrs. Moffat for “keeping the ship moving faster and smoothly.”