FAQ’s about Mr. Schaperjahn

FAQs about Mr. Schaperjahn

You may have seen Mr. Schaperjahn around in the 6th grade hallway or running on the roads near school.  He is our new 6th grade teacher and he volunteered to help out the cross country team! Be sure to welcome him.

Favorite food: Pizza with a  thin crust. He likes pepperoni, mushroom and sausage toppings on his pizza.

Craziest thing he’s done:  Went to a huge soccer game in Argentina. There were armed guards!

Favorite color: green

Hobbies: hiking, running, getting outdoors, gardening, and going on walks with his dog Hudson

Social life:  hanging out with friends, eating dinner out at different spots,  playing with his dog and watching sports   

Favorite  sports to  watch: soccer and  football

Favorite sport to play: Tennis even though he claims he is not good at it! 

Reason he became a teacher and specifically an ELA teacher: He loves working with kids,  loves to read, and  loves to write. When he was in school (here in Galway), he shined in writing, typing and reading. 

Some other jobs he has held:   He was a busboy at Panza’s on Saratoga Lake,  worked at a homeless shelter, and volunteered to read aloud books at my friends school.  

Other teaching experiences:  He taught ELA in Edinburg. He used to work at Galway as a sub and subbed for every grade in 2016-2017. His  favorite room in Galway to sub for was  Mrs. Brewster’s. He stopped subbing here when he was offered his own classroom at Edinburg. 

Favorite dessert:  A brownie ice cream sundae!   He’s not big on sorbet ice cream, and he likes  hard ice cream better than soft serve.

Favorite  travel experience:  He liked  going to Italy with his best friend Jody. He met him  in fifth grade in Galway! 

Number of states visited:  48 ! 

Favorite state: Wyoming. He also lived  in there or a little while!  

Fan of animals?: YES!

Favorite  book:  All The Light We Cannot See, a  historical fiction book by Anthony Doerr

Life goal/dream: To visit all 7 continents. He has visited 4 so far!

Favorite  season:  summer

Favorite holiday: The 4th of July