Sleepover Guide

Are you going to a friend’s house for a sleepover, but don’t know what to do? Are you scared what will happen if they realize that you’ve never done this before? Well, if you follow this simple 20 step plan, you can look like a pro when it comes to sleepovers, and impress all of your friends!


  1. Make sure you get lots of sleep the night beforehand, so you can stay up all night!

  2. Bring your coolest toys and nerf guns to play all night long!

  3. Find some fun movies to watch when everybody starts to get sleepy!

  4. Prank your friends if they fall asleep first!

  5. Lights out at 8. They prefer the dark.

  6. Make sure to whisper when it’s late so you won’t wake up the parents.

  7. Bring a large sleeping bag, they do not enjoy sleeping alone.

  8. If you hear voices that you do not recognize, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. They cannot save you.

  9. If you wake up in the night while everyone is asleep follow this short guide:

    1. First, check everybody else: make sure their eyes are closed and they still have most of their facial features. If you do not recognize your friends, GO BACK TO SLEEP IMMEDIATELY. They are in your house. If everything appears normal, look at the sky outside. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE. You cannot outrun them.

    2. If the sky is abnormally red, hide. They can feel your breathing. Close your eyes and wait until the sky returns back to normal. DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP UNTIL THE SKY GOES BACK TO NORMAL. Look at yourself in the mirror, does anything seem different about your face, in particular, do you have all of your facial features? If not, then check your pulse and make sure you are awake.

    3. If you have all of your facial features, a pulse, and you are awake, return to your sleeping bag immediately. DO NOT GO BACK TO BED UNTIL YOU ARE SURE YOU ARE NORMAL.

  10. Do not leave the house. The screams will only grow louder the longer you are awake.

  11. If you are cold, ask for a blanket. It will be given to you. It doesn’t matter who/what you ask.

  12. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear. Do not think. Do not fear.

  13. The visitors will not leave, regardless of your screams.

  14. If you wake up first, refer back to step 9.

  15. Once you are truly awake, one of them may be missing. Do not panic. They are in a better place now.

  16. Enjoy a nice handmade breakfast!

  17. Don’t forget to roll up your sleeping bag!

  18. Talk about how much fun you and your friends had last night!

  19. Thank your friend’s parents for having you over!

  20. Lastly, play with your friends while you wait for your parents to pick you up!


And that’s how you have the most enjoyable sleepover you will ever experience! By following our simple 20 step plan, everybody will be inviting you over to their sleepovers in no time!