Trap shooting team starts the season

Have you ever heard of Trap Shooting? It is a competitive sport that both youth and adults compete in all across the United States. The basic goal of shooting trap is to break the clay target into pieces. Sounds easy right? If you answered yes, it is not easy at all. It requires precision, skill, strength, dedication, determination, and practice. 

Our trap team here in Galway meets twice a week. You are only required to come once, but are welcome to come twice. In order to prepare for your visit to the Galway Fish and Game Club, you will need to sign up for your relay on Google Classroom. A relay is when you will shoot a series of birds, 25 the first relay and 25 the second relay. Once you get to Galway Fish and Game, you write your name on the white board, select your shotgun, put on protective wear, and collect the corresponding ammo. 

I have been part of Galway’s Trap Shooting team for 1 ½ years now. I shoot a 20 gauge shotgun, which takes 2 ½ -2 ¾ inch shells. If you are new to what this terminology means, that’s no problem, because our expert coaches will teach you. Once you have prepared your gun and proper ammo, you will begin to put on your protective wear. As you are aware, shotguns can be very loud and can damage hearing without precautions being taken. That is why it is mandatory to wear ear plugs, ear muffs, or a combination of both if you have sensitive ears like me. The sport also requires you to wear safety glasses, because there could be shells, debris, or gun smoke flying, so you will want to protect your eyes.

Once you have all of your gear on, it is time to head out to the line, which is the place that you shoot. There are 5 stations, and you will shoot five clay targets at each. The goal of the trap is to get as many clay targets as possible. Seth Kenyon, is a student on our team who has gotten two 25/25s already. If you have high scores, you can get full ride scholarships to college, awards, and athletic lettering. Even if you don’t do well the first few practices, or maybe even the first few years, you will get better as long as you practice and are dedicated.

If you are interested in joining the team, and if you are in grades 7-12, please email Coach Heather Tillson at [email protected] or [email protected] It is never too late to join in on the fun!!