goodbye my summer yet again

goodbye my summer yet again

Molly Oravsky, Sr. High Staff Contributor

And as though it were a ritual 

The clock on summer will come to an end

It seems so far away in my mind

But reality insists that it is only 2 ½ short months

As I bask in the sun and soak in the memories

I’ll try to let go of my thoughts

Forget about the word and school and it all

Just make an oh so desperate attempt 

To leave without leaving

Pretend that I am a balloon released into the sky

But time will keep me tethered

And I will be forever bound

To limited days of sun and all the things I hold dear

So I wish a formal goodbye

To the loveliest thing I have; my summer

Hoping for her inevitable departure

To be as delayed as it can be

And hoping that reality does me a favor

Just this one time

But I know it won’t

So I sit here and I type this out

To say a very long winded

I’ll miss you summer, don’t leave too soon.