A poem to close the 2021-2022 school year…


Throwback to 7th grade for some of this year’s freshmen (now sophomores after today!)

Abby Symonds, Jr. High EMC Reporter

We walked into class, that first day of school, ready to learn, to not be fools.

We have followed the rules, all year long. 

Waiting for summer, again, to come along.

Classmates moved, new ones came. 

Tried our best to learn each name. 

So we made new friends, and diminished bonds.

Some slip-ups were made, but we kept calm. 

We fixed our mistakes, and raised our grades. 

We’ve taken countless tests, and with projects made a mess.

We’ve felt stressed when studying, and recited poems publicly.

Through all the homework and assignments, we absolutely filled all requirements.

It took effort and time, stayed awake on late nights aligned. 

But now after all thrown at us, we accomplished all expected of us. 

Now school is ending. We made it through! 

It was complicated, but we left nothing due. 

Now summer has arrived, we can all relax.

But next year will certainly come very fast.