Brooke Padgett


I can feel it coming! 

I know that if I just sit here and stare at the paper

An idea will come and it will be fantastic!

If I just wait…

Nothing is coming

Oh no

What if my brain is broken? 

Maybe that is why nothing comes out

Instead of being a nice pink jello

It’s a melted jam that has leaked out my ear 

Maybe if I do a jig, an idea will dance its way into me

┏(・o・)┛♪┗ (・o・) ┓


♪(┌・。・) ┌

Is it working?

Do I have an idea?


My feet hurt though

Darn it, I need an idea

Or else I won’t write an emc article

And then my English grade won’t go up

And then I’ll be sad 

What if I asked people around me for ideas?

I might as well…

  • Ummm…. I’m trying to think…. Good study techniques 
  • How awesome Eben Perkins is (so lies) 
  • Bike team or wait no sports and slopes 
  • Jared’s ski team 
  • Forgotten sports
  • Traps 

…. Thank you Eben and Kendra 

I need an idea

Just a small one that can blossom 

Or… I could just curl up into a ball and cry

That would be fun

But I can’t cry on demand 

I should study for chem

I’m gonna go study for chem