things i’ve learned in my first 17 years


Kerringtyn Davis, Sr. High Staff Writer

– [ ] looking both ways before crossing a street, doesn’t just apply to crossing streets. reread that and remember it. 

– [ ] anxiety and intuition are not the same – learn the difference within yourself 

– [ ] before getting into a relationship make a list of things you need in said relationship, want in said relationship and would like in said relationship. all or your needs and most of your wants need to be met in that relationship but don’t change who they are, that isn’t your job, if they don’t meet those simple needs, they aren’t the one for you. would like are just cool little “omg you like this too?” things. 

– [ ] you can neglect yourself and not mean to, take a second to sit back and look at yourself, physically and metaphorically 

– [ ] people show love differently. be observant. 

– [ ] if you catch yourself saying “my friends are mean to me”, they’re not your friends 

– [ ] self love is not selfish but self hate is 

– [ ] someone will always have something to say, fortunately you don’t always have to listen 

– [ ] if the feedback you receive is universal – maybe you should think about that

– [ ] is it attraction or appreciation? 

– [ ] why do you want validation from someone who isn’t looking? 

– [ ] take the risk or lose the chance 

– [ ] you don’t have to like everyone but you have to be nice to everyone. each person deserves respect in basic human decency 

– [ ] pay attention to the body language of others around you and of your own. your body tells you things sometimes your brain doesn’t know yet. 

– [ ] when feeling intense emotion of any kind, write it down! feeling anger? put it on the page, so now that rage you were feeling belongs to the paper and you can let go of it. 

– [ ] watch movies that people recommend to you; they are a window into the mind of what someone truly likes and finds appealing to see. you can learn a lot about a person through this. 

– [ ] listen to the words people use to describe you. the sophisticated words are typically the true ones on how your perceived

– [ ] emotions are not real. this isn’t to say that they aren’t valid it’s just to say that  perception isn’t always reality. feelings, however, are different from emotions. 

– [ ] ignorance is not bliss but knowing isn’t always needed 

– [ ] when someone shows you who they are through their actions, believe them. 

– [ ] if you can’t make a decision the answer is no. 

– [ ] a secret is only a secret when one person knows it. 

– [ ] mental illness and mental health are not the same. 

– [ ] allow yourself to have fun. sometimes deadlines can wait. 

– [ ] being able to be vulnerable is a strength just be careful who you allow into that vulnerability 

– [ ] the meaning of love changes as you get older. if you thought you loved them then, you did, you loved them in the way that you knew love to be 

– [ ] don’t let anyone tell you your heritage or culture is “weird” 

– [ ] people fear what they don’t understand 

– [ ] if they wanted to, they would. this goes for every situation imaginable. 

– [ ] always ask for consent before you do anything. even something as small as touching someone’s hair. 

– [ ] you will be stronger tomorrow than you were today. treat everything in life as a lesson. you will be better for it. 

– [ ] control the things you can. let go of the things you can’t. 

– [ ] someone told me that old people are walking history books, so sit and learn about what used to be. 

– [ ] the ideology that money can’t buy happiness simply isn’t true, because money can provide comfort and health care and therapy and all the wants in the world. happiness comes from within you which sometimes can only be found through having the money to afford a healthy comfortable lifestyle. 

– [ ] don’t tell yourself you made the right choice, that’s insinuating that your other option was the “wrong choice” which might not be true it’s just not what would have worked out for you at that time in your life. 

– [ ] do not let anyone or anything take your joy 

– [ ] harmony is YOUR balance. balance is not harmony. 

– [ ] the only way to heal in the present is to heal what hurt you in the past. heal your inner child. 

– [ ] routines don’t have to be everyday.

– [ ] learn to say no because saying yes to everything will kill you. 

– [ ] live the life you want to lead, not the one you think is reachable. strive for the unreachable. 

– [ ] read about people’s lives and learn from them, they wrote their life down to be pasted on for a reason. 

– [ ] allow yourself to feel emotions in their raw, unruly state. 

– [ ] things don’t get easier, you just get stronger