Practice Makes Perfect



Most of us don’t just jump into something and are automatically the best out there. Sure you can have a natural talent but really that’s just a head start–that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still practice. All of these famous athletes or musicians don’t just become that talented overnight, they practice. 

Have you ever joined a new sport or a new club and have known exactly what to do and how to do it?  The answer is most probably no! The reason for this is because you are new to it and have not experienced a lot of practice. However your teammates on the team who have been playing for years know what they are doing and they can help you understand. Practicing is helping you to build up skill and the more skill you have the better you are at something which means if you practice enough you become amazing. 

 I believe that practice makes perfect because I had an experience with practicing. I am not that great a pitcher but I am much better than I was last year and that’s because I practiced. Last year I played on youth softball and I practiced pitching all season by watching videos and mimicking what they were doing. I never got the chance to pitch because the people who had been pitching had played the game before and had known more about it, but when the season ended I continued practicing.

I practiced all over the place, with my grandfather, my mother,even when I was on the warm sands of Virginia beach that summer.

When I came back to play this year I still didn’t have it but as the season went on I observed other pitchers and watched their form because I wanted to pitch so badly.

It is now the end of the season and I was given the opportunity to pitch in a game.When I stood up to pitch, I said to myself,  “ This is what you’ve wanted.” “You’ve been preparing for this.” The sound of all my teammates’ voices saying, “Yyou got this, Kkate—, we believe in you” gave me the courage and I was able to do what I had been preparing for. Since I practiced so hard, I was asked to pitch in more games. 

I am still not a very good pitcher but I need to practice more because the more you practice the better you will be. I believe that practice makes perfect.