10 reasons i want a cat


Kailey Jankowski, Sr. High Staff Writer

I have wanted a cat for 5 years now, and my mom says “Get one at your Father’s house!”. At the same time, my father says “Get one at your Mom’s house”. And I just wind up sad without a cat. I’ve had my dog at my Mom’s house for 10 years now, but cats give off a more friendly, care-free energy that I really like. I have offered to pay for its initial expense, but both still said no. They have one good argument that is “Who’s going to take care of it when you are at the other parent’s house?”. Well, last time I checked I am not responsible for having to go between two houses in the first place. Despite that, here is why I should get a cat:

They are a lot less maintenance than dogs – they just need their litter boxes cleaned once a day vs. taking them outside every 3 hours a day.


1. They are quiet and don’t bark – yes they meow, but I would rather hear that than my dog barking at me in the morning so I can let her outside.

2.They are good friends – they don’t get too riled up so if I don’t want to play with them I don’t have to.

3.They don’t chew at furniture – yes they scratch, but if you get them designated scratch toys they are a lot easier to train.

4.They are more cute – case and point.

5.Easier to take care of when on vacation – going away for a week? A cat only needs to have the litter box cleaned occasionally and to be fed once or twice a day, unlike dogs where you pretty much babysit them.

6.They can get potty trained to actual toilets – I mean when there’s a will there’s a way.

7.They purr when they are happy – it’s just adorable. That’s all.

8.They clean themselves – they still need to get groomed once and a while but not as nearly as much as dogs do.

9.They show you love when it’s most needed – I don’t think I need to elaborate on that.


Mom and Dad if you are reading this, please allow me to get a cat. Thanks!