Working with resin

Skye Fitzgerald, Guest Writer

My name is Skye Fitzgerald and I make resin as a hobby. I first heard about resin from TikTok. I’ve seen countless videos of people making amazing stuff. Resin is a chemical that when mixed with a hardening agent can be used to make many things. Once it has fully cured, or hardened, it is like a hard plastic. You can use resin to make just about anything. As long as there’s a silicone mold for it you can make it.

To make the pieces from resin you mix equal parts resin and hardener. You can add mica powders and all different colored dyes to give it color. The mica powder gives pieces a more metallic look whereas dyes give pieces a transparent look.

Some of the pieces I make are coasters, pencil holders, trays and trinket boxes. For coasters you can even put images in the resin. By applying a clear layer first you can have an image show through the resin. You could do just about anything. Resin however is an expensive and time consuming hobby. Just 1 gallon of resin is almost 100 dollars. Also once each piece has been poured it takes 12-24 hours to fully cure.

Recently I’ve started selling custom pieces. If you or anyone else might be interested in commissioning, buying, a resin piece you can reach me at [email protected], just label the subject as resin commission and let me know what you might be interested in.