the importance of balance


Kailey Jankowski, Sr. High Staff Writer

I feel like something that is looked over in today’s society is the balance between self care and getting work done. Social media and other sources just show off what people have done and not what they are doing to take care of themselves. This creates the image that they are constantly working, which causes others to believe that they aren’t doing enough. 

Mental health has recently become more aware due to the pandemic. But how do you balance work and keeping up with your mind and body?

Sadly there is no solid answer. Your body and mind will fluctuate from person to person based on their needs and wants. Finding the perfect balance for you is extremely important for a productive work life and a strong mental and physical state.

Why is this balance relevant? Why can’t you go on a three- day bender where you do homework constantly to get it done? 

It’s relevant because if you overwork yourself, you get option A. Option A is basically where you overwork yourself so much, you don’t want to do simple tasks after, otherwise known as a burnout. Option B is spending a lot of time taking care of yourself and doing your hobbies, you will build up stress and a whole lot of work to do later, which will lead to option A. Option C is finding that perfect balance to make your schedule more productive and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Obviously, this will take time for you to discover who you are and how you enjoy taking care of yourself. I went through options A and B until I found a good C for me to live comfortably. Personally, my self care time is a warm shower at the end of a long day, followed by reading a book of my own choice. I do a choice book because reading a school book feels more like a chore than a relaxing hobby. Even though this routine seems so simple, it actually took me over two years to reach this balance. But after a lot of trial and error, I found my niche.

Balance is important, and knowing your limits of your mind and body are crucial to finding that perfect balance.