New Teacher on the Block: Mrs. Pelton


Mrs. Pelton has always been surrounded by creativity and fun! From the time she was 16 until she started her first teaching job, she worked at Michaels supervising craft classes and birthday parties for kids.  She attended SUNY New Paltz for her 4 year degree and eventually earned two Master’s degrees in the same year. For the past 7 years, she was an ELA and reading teacher at the Watervliet High school. She transitioned to Galway in February to become our ELA learning lab teacher.

Her love for helping kids learn and grow inspired Mrs. Pelton to pursue her occupation as a teacher. She especially enjoys encouraging reading among her students. Mrs. Pelton herself takes most delight in reading the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books. The hardest part of teaching for her is the amount of time the job takes. Planning and grading consume a lot of energy. Google drive, google classroom, and google docs are a major aid in the struggle of being an ELA teacher. Mrs. Pelton shared, “It helps me stay organized which is a great help.”

There’s more to teachers than what they do at school.  Mrs. Pelton is married and a mom of  2 year old twins, one girl and one boy. She likes to play with them in her free time. They read books and go on walks. She chases them around in their backyard and they watch Sesame Street. Like most people, Mrs. Pelton relishes relaxing in her free time. It puts her in a good mental position and a healthy mindset. When asked the question, “What superhero would you be and why?” she responded “Captain Marvel’’ since she’s her favorite. Mrs. Pelton is a Marvel fan and admires Captain Marvel for her fortitude and leadership skills.

Towards the end of our conversation with Mrs. Pelton, we did a rapid fire question round, would you rather edition. She was asked questions such as, Ẅould you rather have the ability to see 10 minutes into the future or 150 years into the future?¨ And would you rather have a mullet haircut or a ponytail haircut? Mrs. Pelton told us she would rather have the ability to see 150 years into the future. This would be to see if our generation should make changes now that’ll affect the future in a positive or negative way. Another reason to see 150 years into the future is to know if we’ve colonized Mars or moved to another planet. Mrs. Pelton also claimed that she would rather have a ponytail haircut even though she’s only grown her hair out once.

Overall, she is a fantastic teacher and mom. Mrs. Pelton works nonstop to provide care for her students as well as her family. She does this by staying organized and putting an ample amount of time into her job. She also does numerous things for her children such as reading them bedtime stories including Brown Bear, Brown Bear and bringing them to baseball games. She is a Yankees fan! Let’s give a warm welcome to Mrs. Pelton Galway!