The Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine

Grace DeNisio, Sr. High Staff Writer

What is the Divine Feminine? 

The divine feminine is an energy. The definition varies within spirituality but it generally suggests there is a feminine energy that exists within each being. The divine feminine can’t be seen or heard, but can be felt within you. The energy connects us to different qualities such as intuition, nurturing, feeling, and reception. 

Connecting with your Feminine energy 

Everyone can connect with their divine feminine. Our society is normally seen to value focusing energy outward rather than inward. The divine feminine is an uplifting energy and helps with embracing yourself. Connecting with this energy keeps you from only embracing certain parts of yourself that creates an imbalance and inequality. Embracing this energy will allow you to heal and to let yourself be creative, lively, and focus more on what you put your energy into. To embrace your feminine energy, focus on your feelings and intuitions. Instead of neglecting your emotions, embrace them in ways you find comfortable. No matter your spiritual or religious affiliations, you can bring your divine femine energy into your life. Take time to connect with yourself and explore your mind, power, and energy. 

Not about gender 

A common misconception about the divine feminine, is that it’s about gender and more women leading. When people hear the word “feminine” it’s commonly assumed that it only pertains to women, but this is not the case. The divine feminine has no gender, it is an energy. Feminine and masculine energies exist within everybody. The masculine energy may be active and confident. Masculine energy is more molded by logic, reason, and is “goal driven”. Feminine energy is more intuitive and generous. It’s nurturing, caring, and more collaborative. Everybody has these qualities, it’s very important to have a healthy balance of both energies. 

Empowered Divine Feminine vs Wounded Divine Feminine 

A wounded divine feminine energy is okay. We all grow and heal at different paces! Some qualities of a wounded divine feminine include insecurity, co-dependence, neediness, and manipulation. A wounded divine feminine may be empathetic without boundaries which means you can experience self-destruction and this energy forces people to act a certain way around you. Healing journeys can be linear and your energy can be affected due to different settings  and experiences. An empowered divine feminine energy is authentic, powerful, independent, secure, and expressive. An empowered feminine energy is seen as empathetic, but you have boundaries! You have compassion and want to nurture instead of hurt. An imbalance of divine masculine and feminine energies will hurt your empowered energy, and that is okay! You will always be able to heal yourself. 

Healing and Connecting

Healing and connecting your divine feminine energy will help you realize a lot about yourself and grow from past experiences! Connecting with your divine feminine will benefit your friendships and relationships. Attention will stop feeling like love when you are healed. We all tend to feel loved from attention, but this attentive energy can be unauthentic. Use your intuition to realize the difference between negative attention and authentic, loving, attention. This will also help you realize the differences between attachment and connection. You will also notice that there’s a difference in receiving the bare minimum and actual effort. Do not settle! Find true effort instead of settling for a minimum, we deserve so much more. The divine feminine will also help you learn that trauma bonding is not support. Trauma bonding is a huge source of negative energy, authentic support will come to you. You will feel supported and start to heal instead of feeling “connected” through trauma. While you are healing you may start to realize that some people aren’t good for you, and that is okay. Like it was said before, we all grow at different paces. It’s a great feeling to know you have genuine connections and you’ve stopped filling in loneliness with people who brought you negative energy. Be connected to your divine feminine energy will change you emotionally and physically.