Bounce back to modified b-ball!

Spring sports start next week for modified athletes but many are still basking in the glow of their last season. 

Basketball is a sport that allows you not only to grow in skill and ability, but to learn how to work as a team. It’s a great experience for many and provides a source of exercise. It also renders a sense of accomplishment. 


The boys modified team was trained by Coach K (Kalinkewicz). He says he enjoyed his time with the boys and looks forward to new incomers next year. His favorite memory from this year’s basketball program was when the team had won a double overtime against Mckeel. A challenge for Coach K during practice was trying to keep everyone together throughout the season.

Andrew Miller will be joining next year and  is proud that he improved from the beginning of the season. Andrew’s favorite memory, similar to Coach K’s, was when he and his team won in double overtime.

Grayson Eagan will also be joining next year. His favorite memory of this year was when he scored 22 points in a single game. It was not Grayson’s first time playing but he did improve.

Carson Quay is undecided whether he should join next year but he says the reason he joined this year’s program was because his parents encouraged him to try playing. As a result he scored his first basket and improved from the basketball skills he had before.


The girls modified team was trained by Coach Dan (Anderson). He said he loved his time with the girls and excitedly looks forward to next year. However his favorite memory from this year’s basketball program was working with the new group of girls, the 7th graders. A challenge for Coach Dan during practice was keeping everyone on track.

Eva Anderson appreciated this season so much, she already can’t wait for next year! Her favorite memory was when she and the team took turns talking about what they wanted to be when they were older. She wants to be either a photographer or an FFA (Future Farmer of America) teacher. It wasn’t her first time playing; however, she improved and even learned how to fall more gracefully.

Courtney Smith told us it was her first time playing and plans on joining again next season to improve even more than she already did this year. Her favorite game was against Schoharie because the team dealt with a bus crash just before they won.

Amelia Jordan will also be joining next year and relised scoring 13 points in a game this year. She also enjoyed chanting and performing a ritual for fun with her team and at one point during the season wanted to throw pizza at someone’s head. It was not her first time playing but she did improve.

Ava Thompsan was hesitant about joining the team this year, but towards the end she began to appreciate it more, therefore she shall attend next season. She also will always have the memory of improving and dancing in the cafeteria while waiting for practice to start. Similar to Amelia and Eva, this was not her first time playing.

Overall, both the boys and girls modified teams enjoyed this year’s basketball season. Many unique moments made this season special and certainly one to remember according to the people we surveyed. Will next year be even better? What about the upcoming spring sports? Will you be joining?