Miss Addy- POV Helping in a Pre-K Classroom


Addelayde Ross

This fall, I started working in a pre-k classroom with Ms. Feldman, Mrs. Ramroop, and Ms. Annette. I decided to help out after school because I absolutely love little kids, and teaching as well. I enjoy spending every minute with my class and getting to know the students’ personalities.

Boden is one of the students that makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face. He is such a kind kid who enjoys his time in pre-k. Boden gave me a Spongebob Valentine on Monday. Spongebob is also his favorite. Boden also enjoys playing with the dollhouse center, as well as the mail carrier center. The best part about spending time with him is watching him make a decision on which snack to have because he has at least 5 snacks and he can’t decide which one to eat because they are all so good.

Another student is Benji S. Benji is one of the cutest 4 year olds that you will meet. He loves giving really big hugs and smiling with his little chipmunk cheeks. Benji has a very outgoing personality and loves to play with anyone who is willing. His signature move is his eyebrows. If he wants you to know that he is up to something or if he is trying to be silly, he puts eyebrows in a certain position that are sure to crack you up!

One other student that I would like to share about is Mackenzie. She also has a big smile on her face. Mackenzie always thinks about me by making me crafts or giving me hugs. Some of her favorite things are cutting paper with scissors, holding hands on the way out to the bus, and doing nice things for other people.

If you enjoy spending time with little kids and/or are interested in a teaching position in the future, I highly recommend that you find a classroom that suits your personality. Working in Ms. Feldman’s Pre-K class has been such a rewarding experience that I look forward to everyday that I am able to stop by!