Want to join Impressions?


Addelayde Ross


If you are unfamiliar with Impressions, it is a club where you can submit and vote on pictures, poems, writing, etc. Every Wednesday you meet in Ms. O’Brien-Yetto’s room and discuss/vote as a group if you think that the piece submitted should go through to be published in the Impressions magazine.


Still wondering if you want to join? Here are some answers to questions you may be wondering:


What do you like about Impressions?


  • “I like that we get to read all of the creative stories from other students.”
  • “The openness for everyone’s opinions.”
  • “I love our group- we all are able to have great insightful discussions. A lot of people don”t take everything as serious and laugh but i love that we all appreciate what we are doing.”
  • “I really like the community of Impressions. We get into great discussions, and even though we don’t always agree, everyone is always very accepting of other opinions.”


Still not feeling it yet…


Do you feel like you can creatively express yourself and be supported throughout your writing/art?


  • I can definitely express myself in the club it is an all inclusive and non judge mental group. We always have laughs and bond over life. I feel supported throughout my writings and art, when we come across my pieces we look through them and we talk about if it was choppy or didn’t flow well which helps you improve on your next writing.”
  • “Yes, I especially like that I do not have to put my name on my piece before it is voted on.”
  • “Yes. Writing is my favorite way to express myself. Even just writing for myself in a daily journal clears my mind and helps me to better focus on the day ahead.”



These answers all came from students that joined this year and all the way up to being in Impressions for 3 years! It is a really fun and supportive club that everybody should be a part of! I joined this year, and I love it! You can also come to a meeting and try it out to see if you like it, before you want to fully join. If you have any questions, you can contact the advisor (Ms. O’Brien-Yetto) at [email protected] or the Impressions email at [email protected]. I hope to see you at the next meeting!