It was January…the month of….

a collaborative poem by a dozen 7th graders


glinting white snow,the quiet echo of nothing, ice covering the lakes

–Otter Dannible


                bare trees— Natalie Winner 


 shivering wildlife, the deep sad susurrus of the winter winds, passionate fire-songs in the chimney–Gina Iaia


          An ocean of snow covering the ground, life hiding away or dead,  sky clouding over again                                                                                                                                       -Amelia Jordan


cold nights, snowball fights, frozen lakes,basketball crowds, gray clouds–Courtney Smith


  skiing on mountains, freezing little hands,  hot chocolate and sitting by the fire thinking about what the new year will bring–Kaitlyn DelSavio


crisp cold winds,  bunnies rustling in the snow,icy ponds as smooth as glass, and the warmth of the fire blazing on my skin–Mya Persaud


snow,skiing, and indoor soccer—  Mae Budris


snowmobiliing–Chase Bevington


pink sunrises that make the ground glow, eating the icicles hanging off your porch before you go to sleep at night –Olivia


 waking again to a beautiful blanket of freshly fallen snow, breathing in the crisp air,  welcoming the month of the ravens, beautiful snowflakes, white dusted trees waiting to be photographed–Eleanor Douglas


Snow days, more hot cocoa, the month of the new year, new me–Makaela Muzzy