Taking Action: How YOU Can Help

Taking Action: How YOU Can Help

Grace DeNisio, Sr. High Staff Writer

Trigger Warning: Abuse

Child abuse and domestic abuse occurs more often then you may think. It’s important to know what you can do to help put an end to the abuse that children and families go through everyday. Here’s ways YOU can help end the violence and possibly save a life. 

Knowing the Signs

The first step in helping someone who has been through abuse is learning and noticing the signs of maltreatment. Types of maltreatment include, physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, and neglect. Signs of abuse may not be obvious or discussed and may be a sensitive topic to talk about with a victim. The more visible signs include, withdrawal from friends, behavior changes such as anger, hostility, depression, or anxiety, and even recurring absences from school. Paying attention and catching onto these signs and reporting signs to an adult who you KNOW will help is a good start to helping end the abuse. 

How to be Supportive 

There’s many ways you can be supportive to victims of abuse. No matter what their story is, always believe the victim and be a support person in their life. Set up times to talk, offer them a safe space, let them know you want them to be safe, and you can also make a safety plan. A safety plan might include giving them a place to stay or helping them out of their household. There are so  many organizations that strive to help victims of abuse, here are some helpful links… 

https://www.rainn.org/ – National Sexual Assault Hotline


https://www.wellspringcares.org/ – Wellspring offers domestic violence and sexual assault services resource to Saratoga County residents