My Mask

My Mask

Addelayde Ross

My mask, fabricated with carbon dioxide and germs.

My mask, restricted my breathing and hid my smile.

My mask, held my facial expressions and my feelings in.

My mask, limited my ability to learn what I needed to.


My mask conceals me from everyday life.

My mask conceals me from being a kid, even a human.

My mask conceals me from kisses and hugs.

My mask conceals me from drinking from a mug.


My mask is a common term used everyday.

My mask, I forgot it is what most people say.

My mask, is scratchy and hard to conceive.

My mask is tight and hard to breathe.


My mask ripped over a year of being a kid straight off my bones!

My mask smashed my social events with stones!

My mask shattered my humanity with tone!

My mask took things from me that I cannot get back!


This is the mask that concealed me 

And the why to how I came to be.