Meet the Exchange Students: Chiara Naldi


Sara Conti, Sr. High Staff Writer

Chiara Naldi is a student from Bologna, Italy who came to America because she loves to travel, to meet new people, to learn about different cultures and to learn a new language. She speaks English and Italian. When asked about how our school compares to her school in Italy, Chiara said “I think that the school is one of the biggest differences between America and Italy. For example, in my school in Italy students stay every day in the same class except for the art labs,  we do not get to decide what classes we want to take but we can choose the type of high school, for example art school, scientific school, linguistic school and other different types. Because we don’t change classes, teachers of different subjects come into our classroom, and we also don’t change classmates. Another difference is that we don’t have sports teams at school, so if you want to play a sport you have to go to other places, for example gyms that you can find in the town.  Even if there are a lot of differences, I like it here.” Welcome to Eagle Nation, Chiara!