College Profile: Union


Sara Conti, Sr. High Staff Writer

Union College is a private college nestled within the city of Schenectady. They host many open houses, giving information on everything from general college life to specific majors and courses. After attending multiple open houses, I have concluded that Union is a unique school that grows its students into well rounded individuals.

The main way they do this is through encouraging interdisciplinary studies. Current student Abby Smith describes Union as a “both, and” school.  Whether or not a class fits with your major, if it interests you, you are encouraged to take it. This is also made possible by Union’s unique trimester system. Instead of taking many classes throughout the entire year, Union students take just three classes a term except for engineering students, who take a fourth class once a year.

Another program that makes Union unique is it’s Minervas. Upon arrival to the school, students are divided into 7 houses, known as Minervas. This groups students by interest and allows them to build relationships with students outside their area of study. The Minervas have student run governing bodies that are given generous funds for events, food, and trips. Although only upperclassmen live in the Minerva houses, students are grouped by Minerva in their dorms.

The biggest perk of Union is its small class sizes which allow students to work closely with professors. Many classes have less than 10 students, while others have up to 40 at most. In addition to that, since union is a strictly undergraduate school, there are many more opportunities for undergraduate research. Students regularly work one on one with staff to conduct important research.