Words Will Hurt You

Words Will Hurt You

Kailey Jankowski, Sr.High Writer

*TW: mentions of suicide

Growing up, I always hated phrases like “Why are you crying?”, “You’re being dramatic”, and “Why are you getting so emotional over this?”. Although all of these made me mad, one quote always struck a nerve with me. Ever since I was a kid, my parents have told me: “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me”. Mainly when my brother was calling me names, but I’ve heard it recently from some staff in Galway.

  This phrase is completely degrading to one’s thoughts and emotions. It’s like saying: “Oh you get bullied? Suck it up.” but in a catchier phrase, targeted for children. 

Humans are amazing at putting on masks, and acting like it doesn’t affect them; just another joke. But some are not as good as others at putting on a mask, and get made fun of for showing their true emotion. Why? They are open about how they are feeling, which should be honored and respected, but goes the opposite. They are being so overwhelmed with feelings, and you think yelling at them will help? News flash; it doesn’t.

Making a singular joke or comment might seem like “It was only one joke”, but when that one joke or comment becomes repetitive, not just by you, but possibly by others, it starts to disintegrate the once happy person. You never know what’s happening in one’s life.  “But I’m their best friend, I know everything about them” is a phrase I’ve heard wayyy too many times. Many people undergoing serious traumatic events could take months, sometimes even years to open up about it. And these little “jokes” aren’t helping, and even though they are only words, they hurt. I’m tired of acting like they don’t, and when brought up to others, being told that it’s “not that bad” and/ or “others have it worse”. Someone can have one arm chopped off and another person could have both arms chopped off, at the end of the day they’re both going to need treatment and help, one is just going to need more. 

Suicide can be a cause from such actions. Although it doesn’t seem like such a small comment can cause so much distress, when they build up, it can get extremely intense. It’s like when you eat one cookie everyday. Sure, one won’t hurt. But after time, you’ll see that you’ve gained weight from that daily cookie. The same happens with words. It builds and builds to the point of complete sadness. Your friends seem like your enemies and your enemies feel like monsters. It could all be prevented if you just keep that cruel “joke” to yourself.

No matter what you believe; words hurt. Everyone feels it, but since it is emotional and not physical, people see it less, and ignore it. Almost like how every 6 months a doctor checks up is normal, but going to therapy once a month is only for crazy people? No, it’s a natural form of health that needs to be talked about more in this day and age.