Athlete Spotlight: Brayden S.


Courtney Smith and Eva Anderson

1. What has been your favorite memory this season? 

My very first meet when I placed 16th out of 58 people. 

2. Do you like your home trail or would you prefer to go to away meets?

I actually prefer my home trail because hills kill me and on our trail I just do better.

3. What is your best time this season for the 1.7 mile?

12 minutes and 39 seconds.

4. What was your favorite meet this season?

The Burnt Hills Invitational at the Saratoga Spa State Park was my favorite meet so far.  It’s a very scenic route with lots of competition so I+ can push myself harder

5. Do you plan to run cross country next year? 

Yes, because I have many friends on my team and it helps keep me in shape.