Fall Hiking

With the stresses of school, college decisions, and sports, taking time for yourself and your mental health can be a struggle. Although it is easily overlooked, it’s just as important. I took this long weekend to focus on just that by doing my favorite activity–walking.

Because I have played on Galway’s volleyball team for the past four years of high school, I have never really gotten to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage. Instead, my weekends are spent at tournaments, and after school hours are spent at practice. However, with the beautiful sunny and seventy-degree weather we’ve been having, I decided to spend my day off hiking in the Saratoga State Park. It is widely known for its diverse and lush forests, geysers, springs, and streams. It’s the perfect place for a fall hike! I was not only able to enjoy the vibrant leaves, but also the many trails, fresh air, and dogs I met along the way. It’s a great way to clear your head, get some exercise, destress, and focus. I highly recommend you to get out and explore the park and many wonders of upstate New York! Bring a pet, a friend, or even just yourself!