Haiku Challenge

Haiku Challenge

A haiku is a short poem inspired by a Japanese tradition. Many traditional haikus are about a season or an aspect of nature and use a syllable pattern (5, 7, 5 over 3 lines) to convey an image. Unconventional haikus often adhere to the syllable pattern but vary the content or add another aspect of poetic voice.  This spring, 7th grade writers tried their hand at haikus and would like you to vote on which haiku (of those selected for publication here)resonated with you! Also, if you have an idea for your own original haiku, post it in the comments. A writer (from the comment section) will receive popcorn on the first Friday the E-way is open in September!


mirror, reflection,

peeking back at self, peer

notice smiling eyes



a sound in the woods

a chirp, a response; back and

forth, making small talk



Dancing in the wind

there the dandelion sways

forever peaceful



Leaves come floating down

Water crashes on the banks

Clouds gliding smoothly



Drip, Drop, Plip, Plop, Splash

Thunderstorms and leaky roofs

Chaos and Very Wet



Out in center field

Waiting for the ball to come

I am full of hope



I see a worm inch

up my finger, down again

crawls, no end, just means



The bees buzz around

like a noisy alarm clock

in the new morning. 



it is dark outside

the stars shine bright in the night

It is time to go



rocks surround the stairs

a parking lot sits above a fence

parting them



trampoline, summer,

grandparents’ house, up and down

every year, good times



The sun shines brightly

over fields ready to play ball

waiting for players



Monarch butterflies

landing on dandelions

glow in the sun now 



grows up, then cut down

reaching for sky, trimmed again

climb, fall; grow, cut; grass



The mound is quiet

the dust blows behind me

my team cheers me on



drift overhead, white

bird shape, storm cloud; looks like rain

floating, drifting clouds



irises sprouting

yellow, purple, garden bed

saying, “end of spring!”



tree in my yard, big

silver maple, five feet wide

loved it my whole life



I feel free like grass

A growing tree that stands still

But I dance on wind



an apple tree blooms,

fireworks display, shows me

color, sweet as fruit




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