I Remember

I Remember

Sadie Underwood, Writer

I remember my childhood summers.

I remember the way the setting sun glistened on the calm blue waters.

I remember how the water caressed my face as I sat criss-crossed at the very edge of the boat.

I remember exploring the many wonders of nature.

I remember writing stories on birch bark and reading them to the frogs I captured in the pond.

I remember the sound of cicadas, lawn mowers, and crickets.

I remember the smell of fresh cut grass and 4th of July barbeques.

I remember the early morning dew on the blueberry fields.

I remember the mud and dirt I tracked in through the back door.

I remember the black fly bites and sunburns.

I remember the tire swing that dangled from the tall oak.

I remember catching fireflies in mason jars.

I remember it all.