Pets of Galway: Ellie (Bebe) Underwood

Sadie Underwood, Writer

Welcome to our new Pets of Galway column! If you would like your pet to be featured contact Anna Dabrowski, Isabella Hart, or Sadie Underwood.

Eight years ago, I adopted the biggest drama queen, and yet the sweetest mutt you will ever meet. Many know her as Bebe, but her real name is Ellie. As you may know, she is quite the celebrity at our school! In addition to her adorable black, brown, and white patches, her heartbreaking backstory is what made me cave in. While living in Atlanta, Georgia at the time, I discovered that several areas of the city suffer from poverty. Many people do not have the money to neuter their dogs and take care of the puppies. Sadly, this was the case for Ellie. The beagle from one home had snuck into the back door of another, getting the female Japanese chin pregnant. All five puppies were left stranded on the streets, leaving only two to survive: Ellie and her brother Patch, who we also rescued. 

Ellie may have been the smallest of the litter, but she sure isn’t the weakest! She takes care of her other puppy siblings, loves to cuddle, and willfully dresses up for parties and special occasions. Her days are spent napping, begging for food and pets, chasing our ducks, escaping, and rolling in the mud and dirt. Although she is the biggest misfit, I wouldn’t trade her for the world!