The Artifacts in Our Lives: Eliza Eagan


Eliza Eagan, EMC Guest Writer

The Global Oneness Project is sponsoring a student photography contest called “The Artifacts in Our Lives.” According the website, “In this contest, students will photograph an artifact and tell its story.” In addition to the photo, students share the story of the artifact. 

The artifact that I am choosing to write about is a stuffed Curious George. This stuffed monkey is something that my mom was given when she was a little girl back in the 1970s. She loved Curious George stories so Santa brought her one when she was very young.  She would carry it everywhere with her.  She loved it so much, my grandma took her to have her picture taken with it.  

Before I was born, my mom and dad were getting my nursery ready. My mom decided to place him on a special shelf in my room.  Eventually, as I grew, I began carrying him everywhere with me as well.  When I was about the same age as my mom (in this picture), she tried to recreate the picture of her holding Curious George (taken in the 1970s), with me holding Curious George (taken in 2009).  As you can see, it is pretty amazing.  The only real difference being, the ¨love¨ you can see on Curious Georges face.  Over the years,  his mouth has become a little worn and his color is a bit faded, other than that, in perfect condition.

This stuffed Curious George floods my mom with childhood memories.  From the Christmas morning she got him, to the day this picture was taken.  Even now, she still loves Curious George stories.  My brothers and I grew up hearing them.  I, too, look at this stuffed Curious George with tons of happy childhood memories.  I look forward to the day that I can pass this on to my child for a 3rd generation picture.   Who knows how many generations will hold this same Curious George, given to my mom over 40 years ago.