Checking in with Coach Hayden: Gym during the pandemic


Ethan Dabrowski, Jr. High EMC Reporter

Entering the school year I was not concerned about the effects of Covid-19 on our usual classes. However on my first day, I realized that Phys. Ed. was completely different from all the other classes. So I asked Coach Hayden what sports he thought we would do this year so that we could keep 12 feet apart and still be active. His response included badminton (singles because we can’t do doubles,), ultimate lacrosse, cavattaball (a variation  of team handball,), and even possibly yoga. We are likely dropping team handball and unfortunately basketball. After learning this, I realized that equipment is really limited this year. So I then asked him what he was going to do about the lack of equipment that is usable this year. He said that it would be a trial and error process for both the teachers and students. Coach Hayden said,  “We  have to modify rules from existing games to fit the new guidelines.”

I was really curious about the at home workouts that we were doing so I emailed him asking him if he thought that approaching this year using Plt4m was the best option. In his response he said the platform is a reliable website used by schools across the country. He also said that it provides great videos that break down your workout simply. I personally preferred last year’s method so I emailed him asking why they changed methods of virtual PE. He said that last spring they had no idea if the kids were actually doing the workouts or not just by simply looking at a chart.

I had one final question, if winter sports would be cancelled. I assumed that it would be since PE is not allowing basketball, so I sent my final email and he said that he didn’t know. He did say that he hopes for the state to come out with a safe way for students to participate in cheerleading and basketball. And apparently they have because sign ups were just announced this week on GTV!