Meet the Interns: Ari Persaud


Artwork by Ari Persaud

Ari Persaud, CEIP Intern

My name is Ari Persaud, and I am hoping to have a career in art. I am the lead editor of Impressions, Treasurer of National Honor Society, and Sergeant of Arms of the Class of 2021. I am also in: SADD, Board Game Club, Student Senate, Band, Marching Band, Varsity Soccer, and Stage Crew (depending on the plans for the play, possibly Stage Manager).

My main hobby is definitely art. I draw digitally, sketch, paint, use markers, and run an Instagram page for my art! I’ve always known that this was a passion of mine since I was younger, but it started getting serious around middle school. It’s a fun hobby that I hope I can put into a future career.

Since freshman year, I’ve been hoping to intern for Mrs. Mierzwa, and well…here I am! I am interning for her photoshop class this year, and I am having a blast making videos for the class. Although I was expecting to physically be in the classroom helping students, this is also a fun opportunity. I believe learning how to teach others is a very serious important skill to have in careers. Whether you’re training a coworker, helping someone out, or if that’s what your job is!

My plans for the future are to go to college in either: MECA, Hartford, or SUNY Purchase. I will major in either illustration, or interdisciplinary art, so I can branch out to the many mediums I enjoy using. As a backup plan, I will be minoring in psychology, so I have an option to have a career in either therapy, or art therapy.

I would love to be an animator, character designer or a plain old illustrator. Nearly any field in art would make me happy, since it’s something I’ve loved for years and years. I hope to continue my internship and hopefully get to be physically there and help the students!