Getting a job at a young age

Addelayde Ross, Jr. High EMC Reporter

It is important to get a job at a young age. There are several ways that it can benefit you. The #1 reason is because you earn money. It is important to start making money now, so that you can have good money habits in the future. Saving money for college, a future house/apartment, or just to have a little bit of spending cash is important. Another beneficial reason is when you do go to get a different job you can say that you have some experience and you have a lot of skills to offer, which makes you more useful to potential employers  The last reason is because you can have a lot of fun with it.

I babysit, plant sit, pet sit, dog walk, and cater. It is really exciting! 

A great way to start off is by asking your neighbor if you can walk their dog for $1 a day. You can also ask your neighbor if they need plant/pet sitting. There are plenty of ways to start small and earn some money. 

This summer I started catering with Sturgess Catering.  I got to meet a lot of new people. The job involved team building, by working together to create a great meal for all to enjoy! All of the workers were nice and fun to talk to. I was paid well, but better yet, had a good time doing it. I work with one of my best friends, Ben. His family owns and runs the business. I even got my own uniform… for free! It was a great experience to have and a whole lot of a BBQ blast. I got to cater a backyard wedding and 2 chicken dinners! 

This fall and spring, I started babysitting my 2 neighbors. They are such great kids with cute smiles!! I would watch them for an 1 hour, twice a week in the spring. This fall I started getting one of them off the bus. He is in kindergarten. When he gets off the bus, we get the mail and I ask him how his day was. A couple minutes later, his little brother comes home from his school. Then we all play in the backyard and have a good time. It is soooooooo….. much fun babysitting!!! They are fantastic kids!!!!

When I can, I walk my cousin’s dog Biscy. He is a beagle/ blue tick hound mix. He is a VERY hyper dog. He gets a walk, and then his special treat when I leave. I get paid $1 per walk. I also pet sit for my neighbors when they go away. My parents help me because there are a lot of pets. We take care of chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, a kitten, rabbits, and a turtle. It is cool to meet new animals. I also have to take care of my animals too!

Whatever I make with my jobs, I put half of it in the bank. You should put half in the bank, or a safe place to keep it for college/future jobs and plans.

The best way to start saving your own money and building your experience base and skill set is by asking a neighbor. You can do this!