Politics Throwup


Anna Dabrowski, EMC Editor

Do you have the time to watch a debate at 9 O’clock at night? Me neither. Do you want to sit around and watch old men yell at each other in a language of political jargon? Me neither. Well guess what, I’m going to do it anyways, because it is important that you stay informed even if you don’t want to. So here I present “Politics Throwup.” This will be some of the worst writing I have ever contributed to EMC, because I’m going to write as much as possible during the debate, and then stop. No editing, just my raw notes and thoughts. So let’s hope my jumbled lists of bullet points are enough, though I highly doubt I’ll be able to decipher through all of the throwup.


Enter candidates, eerie silence, small crowd


Supreme Court:

Why are you right and your candidate wrong about the topic of making another SCJ nomination so close to the election topic?

Trump: We won the election, and this means we simply get to make this nomination. Our nominee is an amazing person, she will be outstanding. 

Biden: The people have a say on who gets to be in the Supreme Court by voting in the election, the election has already started, tens of thousands of people have already voted. There is no other way for them to express the view of SC than voting for the president. The nominee has said the Affordable Care Act is not constitutional, and potential jeopardizes women reproduction rights.

Trump: RBG said a president is elected for a certain period of time, and that is four years. And right now we have an opening. 


They talk over each other and somehow we are now talking about healthcare (I am confused on how we got here)


Trump: You didn’t want me to ban China, you would have had more people die.

Biden: The president is not in favor of Roe V. Wade and that is on the ballot then.

Trump: You don’t necessarily know her view on Roe V. Wade


Wallace says that they need to calm down and asks about how Trump plans to replace Obama Care.

Trump: I’m cutting drug prices and going against big pharma, insulin was destroying families and now it’s so cheap it’s like water.


Wallace asks Biden about how public healthcare will end private insurance.

Biden: This would not involve the mass majority of people, only people who are below a certain poverty line will automatically be enrolled in a public form of Obama Care. Trump is a liar, I’m here to call out his lies. Trump is not here to help people who need Medicare. 20 million people get healthcare through Obama Care and he wants to take that away.

Trump: I’m making it better, I’m giving people better healthcare, we are bringing prices wayyy down. Obama Care is too expensive, we will replace it with something better.

Biden: He just has wishful thinking, he has no plan, he just says he does. 


Wallace asks Biden about how Democrats have suggested packing the SC if Trump’s nomination goes through.

Biden: completely ignores the question and tells people to go vote



Wallace asks why the American people should trust you more than the other candidate when it come to this public health crisis

Biden: Trump has no plan, he knew about COVID since February and made no plan/gave no warning. I have been saying since March what we actually should’ve done with this crisis.

Trump: If we had listened to you the country would’ve been left open! You actually called me a racist for closing the borders at first. Also we don’t know how many people actually died in other countries, they never give actual numbers! People who aren’t usually on my side said that I got the stuff in a fast manner and distributed it to hospitals. 

Biden: Trump was the one who shut down the economy not democrats. Starts asking the audience if they’ve lost anyone from COVID


Wallace asks Trump about COVID vaccine and disagreements with doctors.

Trump: I’ve spoken to all of the companies, they can get the vaccine out far before summer! People are politicizing this because they would rather see people die then get the vaccine out. The military will deliver vaccines at a rate of 200,000 a day!

Biden: Everyone is talking about maybe having a vaccine by the end of the year, but the distribution takes far longer than that.


Wallace asks Biden if he is contributing to the fear of the vaccine.

Biden: Yes it’s scary because the doctors are working for Trump, but there are other people working on this vaccine that don’t work for Trump. Trump downplayed the severity of this, he is not smart.

Trump: Don’t ever use the word smart with me, you have done nothing in 40 years of service, and I have built the greatest economy almost ever.


Wallace asks Biden about reopening the economy and schools.

Biden: There needs to be more of a plan, Trump golfs too much.

Trump: He wants to shut down this country, and I want to keep it open, we just had to do that and it was awful. We learned a lot from this about who is vulnerable. More people will be hurt by continuing lockdowns than by opening.


Wallace asks Trump about how he questions the effectiveness of masks

Trump: I put on a mask when it’s needed, you don’t need one if you’re 200 ft away.

Biden: Masks make a big difference, we could’ve saved a 100,000 lives.

Trump: The experts flip flopped their opinions.


Wallace asks why Trump holds big rallies and Biden is hosting smaller events

Trump: Because we’re open now, and they are all mostly outside

Biden: Trump isn’t worried about the common person, only himself



Wallace asks them about their opinions on economy rebound

Trump: We built the biggest economy in the world, and unfortunately had to close it down, but now we’re steadily increasing the workforce again. He will close it down again.

Biden: Trump is benefiting during this pandemic, he does not care. The common person is suffering. Starts talking about COVID deaths again. You can’t fix the economy until you fix the COVID crisis! He does nothing to help small businesses.

Trump: People want their schools open, it’s so sad what’s happening in NY. People want to be careful, but get back to their lives.


Asks about his tax payments, or lack thereof

Trump: I’ve paid millions of dollars of income taxes, in the years of 2016-2017 I paid millions of dollars, and you’ll get to see it! And there are also ways to LEGALLY decrease your taxes with laws passed by Biden!

Biden: Yes he takes advantage of the tax codes, we are going to eliminate these codes. I’m going to make the corporate tax 28%.

Trump: Why didn’t you do all of this in your forty years of politics? Starts talking about economic stuff I don’t understand, but sounds good to me



Why should voters trust you with race issues.

Biden: It’s about equity and equality for everyone. He sent out teargas at BLM protests, it’s a disgrace. He is a divider not a uniter. Black Americans are being affected disproportionately by COVID.

Trump: You called African Americans super predators, I’m letting African Americans out of jails. We have the support in the polls from Black Americans, because you have done nothing for them!


Biden do you believe there is an unequal system of justice for Black Americans

Biden: Yes, there is a systemic system in this country. We need to weed the bad apples out of law enforcement. Violence is not an appropriate protest.


Trump, you blocked racial sensitivity training, why?

Trump: It was racist! They are teaching people to hate this country. 

Biden: No one’s doing that, you’re racist. People’s feelings are important, and kids need to grow up with self-esteem. People look down on people who are different. We are all Americans.

Trump: During the Obama administration there was division and extreme hatred. The Democrats are not in favor of law and order. 


There have been equivalent spikes of violence in Democratic and Republican cities, so is this really a party issue.

Trump: Yes it’s crazy what’s going on. There have been drastic spikes and he won’t even say law and order because he will lose his radical left following. 


What does re-policing mean?

Biden: The officers need to know the people in the communities. We need to redistribute policing funds…

Trump: No one in the police supports you, name one group.



Biden, have you ever called the governors of cities with extreme violence and said “hey you need to do something”

Biden: and violence should be processed, and the people prosecuted.

Trump: He won’t call out the extremist groups!!! He won’t take a stand.


Why are you the best candidate:

Trump: There has never been a president who has gotten so much done, regardless of all of the hoaxes deployed against me. I’ve rebuilt the military, fixed the Veterans Association (healthcare) etc.

Biden: Under this president we’ve become poorer, sicker, more divided. I went head to head with Putin and told him we wouldn’t take his stuff.


Trump, what do you believe about climate change and what will you do about it?

Trump: I want clean water and air. The Paris deal was too suppressive on business, we can self regulate our emissions. We’re planting a billion trees, that’s our newest project. I believe in climate change, and we need better forest management. I’m all for electric cars too.

Biden: Green energy will not tank jobs. I was able to bring down the cost of renewable energy to almost the cost of coal. We are going to turn the federal fleet into electrical vehicles, and build charging stations. Renewable energy will make tons of new jobs, higher than minimum wage. 

Trump: Your plan would cost 100 trillion! That’s more than our company could generate in revenue in 200 years.

Biden: The Green New Deal will pay for itself. 

Do you support the Green New Deal

Biden: uh No but


Election Integrity:

What will you do to make sure this election is not tampered with

Biden: Mail in ballots, those who want to vote in person will be able to. The polls stay open until the ballots are counted. Show up and vote, vote early. Trump says he won’t accept the results of the election.

Trump: An unsolicited ballot sent to millions can not be regulated. It’s just not possible. We might not know who actually won the election for months, because the mail in ballots are lost all over the place.


Sizeable amounts of mail in ballots have been thrown out in the past, are you concerned that the SC may have to settle these disputes?

Biden: Yes, that is legitimate.


8 states are forbidden from processing ballots until election day, so it may take days to find out who the president is. Will you not declare victory until the winner is confirmed, and not encourage outrage?

Trump: I am urging my people to vote in person. If I see ballots being manipulated I will not go with that.

Biden: Yes. Mail in ballots are not fraudulent. 


In summary:

No one won that, however I think Trump lost. He kept talking over Biden and insulting his family. However, Biden was elusive to questions which I also think docks him some points. Overall I learned nothing about either of them because everyone including the moderator was screaming at each other the whole time. I hope you can read all of this, I was typing at the speed of sound.