The Class of 2020: Senior Wills

Wait, I’m a Senior? Where has the time gone? As my days as a Golden Eagle are fleeting, I, Alex Malanoski, leave behind the following: 

To Brian Alden and Nate Baxter, I leave you the GTV studio and all of our technical difficulties. 

To Anna Dabrowksi, I leave you my legacy as the writing nerd who spams EMC with countless articles all year long. 

To Anna Meisenburg, I leave you our shared obsession with Chick-fil-A.

To Braden Boudreau, I leave you our legacy as JV Basketball Captains and the time I accidentally bit you in practice. 

To Charlie Clarke, I leave you my title as Galway’s best soccer player. Try to live up to it. 

To Ben Jordan, Caleb Oughton, and Matt Walker, I leave you Troop 5 and all the chairs, door knobs, and stove handles I’ve managed to break over the years. 

To Izzy Mancini, I leave you Sunday School classes and jokes about my inability to catch. I also leave you our Snap Streak that I’ve had to save about 10 times now. Shoutout to Theresa. Try not to lose it again. 

To Ryan Ripepi, I leave you our shared career aspirations and our plan of being co-anchors in the future. Can’t wait to see you at Syracuse next year! 😉

To The Boys, I leave you our incredible trip to Columbia, Karen Speed, almost getting scammed, tasty gelato, and our “Corona Style” series.

To Mr. D, I leave you my nicknames, “Train” and “The Vulture,” and my tendency to need “One more minute!” on every Chem and Physics blitz.

To Mr. J, I leave you my nickname, “Twelve,” daily laughing fits, my hypochondria, Walter’s random medical episodes, GEDs, spilled coffee, and stressful blitzes. 

To Ms. Leonardo, I leave you my inability to sign a check after four years of being our Class Treasurer. 

To Ms. Mierzwa, I leave you Hayli’s bullying, a promise that you’ll be the first one to know when I finally get a dog, as well as my hundreds of emails about our latest Photoshop assignment. 

To Ms. O, I leave you a thousand thank you’s for your mentorship and guidance, as well as a Hershey bar with almonds for the next stressed out student who walks through your door.

To Señora Peters, I leave you crazy videos and a table at Sticks and Stones. 

To the Blue Team, I leave you Virtual Field Week with hilarious tweets and daily mocking of the Gold Team. Have you changed your shirt yet Josh? 

To the Varsity Baseball Team, I leave you our 20-0 mercy rule on Prom day, our crazy trips to Cooperstown, and the hope for a Sectional run next season. 

To COVID-19, I leave you my Senior Trip, Senior Prom, Senior Baseball Season, and graduation party. I hope you enjoy them. 

And finally, to Galway, I leave you a tight-knit community full of caring administrators, teachers, and students. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up in, and I will miss it more than I could ever imagine.


I, Hailey McElhiney leave the following…

To Izzy Mancini,

I leave you all the vibes.

The hating the cafeteria vibes

The airpod vibes

The ‘Idk how to do my hair, but it’s long and it’s there’ vibes

The coffee addiction vibes

And finally, I expect another hat trick at homecoming

Continue to not take life too seriously

To Hannah French, 

Continue to kick butt at being goalie, I have a spidey sense that next season might just be your season. 

I’m leaving you Stewart’s Iced Coffee. 

I expect at least one snapchat of you drinking caramel iced coffee. 

P.S. the ladies at Route 29 make the best iced coffee, you can taste that they put love in it. 

I also request you get overly caffeinated and annoy Ari like I annoyed you two that one day before practice. 

To Ari,

I leave you all my damaged brain cells,

I apologize but you can no longer be an AP student

I also leave you Stewart’s Iced Coffee. 

I also expect a snapchat of you drinking caramel Iced Coffee

I leave you the knowledge that your caffeine addiction is only going to get worse from here, so… good luck!

And overall I leave you the knowledge that you don’t have to be 18 to get your license. 

To Isabella Hart,

What grade are you in?

I will never figure out what grade you’re actually in so I hope you enjoy Boston, Salem and your senior trip. 

But in actuality, good luck for Junior year. If your junior year is anything like mine you’re gonna be drowned in homework. In that case here’s the advice I’m leaving you. 

If you cry hard enough Mrs. O will give you candy. 

Mr. Darlington is bad with emotions but will make witty jokes until you laugh. He will also let you stay in his room until you’re emotionally stable again, but then you’re gonna have to write yourself a pass. 

Mrs. McDonald isn’t a scary teacher at all and will be thankful if you distract her from her work to talk. 

Mrs. Mierzwa can also be easily convinced to hand over candy. She also has plenty of cute dog videos to put a smile on anyone’s face. 

Mr. J is an imba. He is also bad with emotions but great at teasing you. 0/10 for boosting self confidence, 8/10 for talking about life. 

To Mr. Mal, 

I am leaving you a list of thank you’s 

Thank you for being so passionate about history. 

Thank you for not letting that passion dwindle, even when the class wasn’t reciprocating it. 

Thank you for igniting a passion for history in me. 

Thank you for answering my questions. 

And finally, thank you, because of you, I want to teach history. 

There is no other class I would have liked to have at 8 o’clock in the morning, I think your side-tracked stories were the best way to start every school day. 

To Mr. Darlington, 

I leave you many thank yous 

Thank you for allowing me to make fun of you constantly. 

Thank you for giving us some real insight on life.

Thank you for giving me somewhere to go at lunch so I didn’t have to deal with the cafeteria.

Thank you for making it routine to bug us at E-Way when we weren’t bugging you during study hall. 

Thank you for occasionally deciding to watch marble Olympics instead of teaching. 

Thank you for allowing me to make fun of your class

Thank you for being sad that I wasn’t allowed to make fun of physics in my senior quote. 

Thank you for all the things you do at Galway to make it the community based school it is. 

But most of all, thank you for being so authentic that three seventeen year olds were able to relate to you and find a space in school we could completely be ourselves. 

To Mrs. Darlington,

Thank you for bringing pride to the Darlington name. 

To all the students of Galway, 

I leave you with what should have been my senior quote, “Life is worth living, like physics isn’t worth taking.” But in all seriousness, I took physics just to sign Mr. Darlington’s desk and Corona didn’t allow me to even do that. 

And finally, to Corona, 

I leave you anger, 

I just wish you told me you were gonna sneak attack before I ruined my GPA by taking physics.

But finally, I leave you gratefulness for not having to launch more bottle rockets in the spring.


I, Josh Jankowski, leave the following at Galway High School 

  • To Dylan Collins, I leave you the best student section in the WAC. 
  • To Ryan Ripepi, I leave you Mr. Jacaruso. Take Care of him. 
  • To Kailey Jankowski, I leave you the title of “The Coolest Jankowski” in Galway
  • To Mr. Jacaruso, I leave you “C Lunch therapy” and the ability to call everyone a “nerd” 
  • To Joe Herbst, I leave you our animal fun facts
  • To an incoming freshman, I leave you the best locker, locker number 426.
  • To someone 16.5 years old or higher, I leave you the best parking spot, parking spot number 13. 
  • To all the teachers and staff, I leave you one less headache everyday. 
  • To everyone else that I forgot or are not on the list, I hopefully left you with a bunch of memories and laughs. 


I, Samuel Barnes, leave behind the following to Galway high school.

To an incoming freshman, I leave locker 359

To Adam Henderson, I leave the fun conversations in the bathroom before first period.

To Ms. Leonardo, I leave the interesting, and loud, conversations and stories of third period study hall.

To the student who gets parking spot 38, I leave my power steering fluid stains.


I, Leah Willbrant leave behind the following to Galway High School, 

  • To the incoming freshman, I leave you locker 358. Treat this locker with kindness. This locker will have an abundance of memories  or you, and will always be a grounding space for you. 
  •  To Julia Reedy, I leave you the confidence and leadership I know you have inside you, I leave you all the Stewart’s runs in the world, and all the Tums and Advil
  • To the volleyball team I leave you all of my, Advil, tissues, blankets, food and memories. 
  • To the juniors, I leave you with this:  Make your senior year worth it, don’t take anything for granted and make memories, participate in school spirit week,  take every opportunity you can, take part in community events, clubs and athletics.  Don’t take things for granted, work hard but have fun and make memories that are a big part of senior year. Be true to yourself, reflect and illuminate in your senior year. Show your gratefulness and positivity to everyone as often as possible. 
  • To  the student(s) that sit at Mrs. McDonald’s back table, First rule: don’t drive Mrs. McDonald crazy. Secondly I hope that you can continue to grow and prosper and be a human and student, and leave a positive impact on the school and the world. And lastly It is an important class, you will use the things you learn in class in college. Pay attention in her class. Even though it may be hard at times, you will grow not only as a writer, but a person. 
  • To the students who gets parking spot #24, I leave you the joy of having an amazing parking spot. 
  • To Grace O’Brien, I leave you all the pickles in the world, and all the time in the world to do your homework before athletic events.
  • To Amber, I leave you with all the long bus rides to sleep, play games on your phone, all the memories we had at volleyball practice.
  • To new and returning stage crew members I leave you, an unlimited supply of duck tape, sharpies, paint and paint brushes,  and all the memories we have had together.
  •  To Mrs. Hutchinson, Thank you for always being there to support me as a student and future educator. I can’t thank you enough.
  • To Mrs. McDonald, I leave you all the relaxation, books to read, and naps you can possibly ask for. Thank you for always being there for me, whether I am ranting, need life advice, and or am struggling on an assignment or struggling in a class.
  •  To Mr. Diamond, I leave you all the board games and  all math problems  you could possibly solve. Thank you for always being there to support me and my dreams, helping me through all four years of high school math. I truly look up to you as a teacher, the way you look out for every single student and do everything in your power to make sure each student is working to their full potential and passes your class and other classes is truly inspiring. Thank you for all you have done for me and the school.
  • To Mr. Glenn, I leave you all the milk, water, and Uno games out there. Thank you for coaching me and my teammates, allowing us to be the best student athletes and the best humans we can be on and off the court. Thank you for always pushing me in practice to achieve my greatest potential. Thank you for all the memories on and off the court with the volleyball team. 
  •  To the Galway Central School District, I want to thank you for the memories and learning experience I  have had through the years. I have met my life long friends in your halls, and have made countless unforgettable  memories. I don’t know if I would be the same person I am today if I didn’t attend this school. I will miss you greatly and visit as often as I can. 
  • I also have to thank the administrators and faculty and staff, janitors, bus drivers, IT team and everyone that has an important job that sometimes goes unnoticed.  For all they have done for me and the school, thank you for making this school a place I loved to spend all of my time and made endless memories.  Thank you for always making my worst days better by saying hello to me in the hall or giving me a big smile as I walk by in the hall. Thank you to the teacher aides and substitute teachers who have always helped me and gone out of their way to make sure I can achieve my full potential. 
  • I want to thank my family for always supporting me and always helping me through my struggles, I will always be beyond grateful for what you have done for me. I love you. “Hey look Ma I made It!” 

I don’t want to leave and I am sad to leave high school, but I know I must go on in life and grow and prosper. Thank you to everyone that has come into my life over the last  years. I thank you, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for you. So I leave you with a quote. “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart.” – Mahatma Gandhi


I, Paige Brink, leave behind the following: 

To Ella Underwood, I leave you as the mom of the group. Remember you now have to drive everyone everywhere. Take good care of them for me. 

To Keira Grupe, I leave you Mozzarella sticks, long conversations and endless laughing. 

To Trishelle Oliver, I leave you late night McDonald’s runs and before game Dunkin runs. 

To the future Varsity cheer team, I leave you 2 to 3 hour practices 6 days a week, and early morning Saturday practices. I leave you endless team bonding, and Friday night team dinners. I leave you the best coaches, who are willing to do anything for the team. 

To Ms. Moffat, I would like to thank you for pushing me so hard and making me the person I am today. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. 

To Ms. O’Brien-Yetto, thank you for creating such an amazing club where everyone is free to be themselves. 

To Ms. Mierzwa, thank you for the endless fun in SADD that I will never forget. 

To Mrs. McDonald, thank you for letting us eat lunch everyday in your room, even if we were not always quiet. Also, thank you for not getting upset when we would get off topic at least 5 times in one class period. 

To Mrs. Ostrander, thank you for having a stash of candy that always helped me get through the rest of the day. 

To Ms. Yerdon, thank you for showing me I have the potential to be a teacher. You taught me so much in such a short amount of time, and I will never forget what I have learned. 

And finally, to Galway High School, thank you for the endless fun, the stress, and the thousands of memories I will never forget.


Although I have only gone to Galway for the past 3 years, I have met so many amazing people and learned a lot, as a graduating senior of class of 2020, I, Taylor Coughlin would like to leave behind the following:

To Mrs. Butterfield, I leave you with your zoodle maker and our endless laughs about the most random things. Thank you for always checking up on me and for everything you’ve done for me throughout my time in Galway. I will forever be grateful for our lunches. 

To Mr. Kirvin, I leave you with so many sarcastic comments and my lumberjack jacket.

To Ms. Whalen, I leave you with one of the most fun classes I have ever been in, and all of the adorable animals we’ve seen throughout this year. 

To Mr. Jacaruso, I leave you with all of the comments coming out of Jackie’s & my mouths that have made you shake your head.

To Kiana Arey and Amaya Hillard, I leave behind our Stewart’s runs, our lunch table, food fights, and all of our inside jokes.

To Avery Gilman, Adam Henderson, Joe Herbst and Gabby Signor, I leave you all with our random and disgusting concoctions of food we’ve made over the years. I’ll remember Trey eating that “tuna sub” forever. 

To Jackie Pilczuk, thank you for the endless entertainment during school and the array of comments you make. The amount of times you have almost made me spit out a drink from laughing is astronomicallll. 

To Hunter Gould (HUNTYYY), I leave behind you buying me popcorn at E-Way, and Panera mac and cheese. Thank you for putting up with me and being my first friend at Galway.

To Sierra Morris, I leave you with our favorite phrase, “Wait, what are we supposed to be doing?”

To Gab Signor, I leave you with all of the amazing advice you’ve given me throughout the years. I don’t know what I would do without you. 

To Trissety Denton and Rachael Ball, I will forever be grateful for you two, I wouldn’t have gotten through my move here without you. I can’t wait to make even more memories with you guys outside of high school.  

Although she does not go to Galway, I would like to thank my best friend, Heather Cooper, for always encouraging me to do my best and being my shoulder to cry on during my move to Galway and all throughout school. Living an hour away from your best friend is hard but we’ve made it through. 

Lastly, I’d like to thank my family for all of the support they’ve given me through my whole journey throughout school and life in general. They truly were my biggest support system during school, and just throughout my life in general. I would not have gotten through school without all of my dad’s help and encouragement to succeed. My dad has gotten me through the hardest parts of school and has always been there. He has helped me to become a much stronger person. My mom has practically been my human diary throughout high school, she was always there whenever I had a good or bad day. Whenever I needed to talk about anything, she has always been the person I go to, and I am so thankful to have a relationship like that in my life. My younger brother, Aidan, and my two younger sisters, Lauren and Raegan have also impacted me so much. I consider them to be 3 of my best friends, and they have always made sure I know how much they support me. My grandparents have also spread so much positivity and encouragement my way, and have always helped me with everything I do. Moving to Galway was very hard for me at first. Before I moved I had lived in the same town my whole life, gone to the same school, and been around the same people, so it was a huge change for me. It was uncomfortable at first, but the people I’ve met at Galway have made me feel at home, and although the way my senior year ended was not ideal, everything happens for a reason. I am so grateful for my time here and the people I have met and the friends I have made. Galway has helped make me into the person I am today. All of these people have greatly impacted my life, and I just wanted to say thank you.


I, Rachel Wnuk, leave the following items, memories, or inside jokes to my fellow Galwanians

To Steph, may you always have a healthy amount of gluten free French toast available. 

To Em, I leave you one (but only one) cup of coffee to get you bouncing off the walls, and endless 3-pointers in b-ball. 

Hannah Patrick, I have but one question for you, WHAT DO YOU GOTTA DO?

To the Girls’ Soccer Team, I leave you homecoming games under the lights, Don’t Stop Believing, and 30 seconds to make it to the corner. 

To Charles Clarke, the Corner-Kick King, I leave you backward shorts, the hopes that one day you will attempt a man-bun, and unopposed levels of high jump skill. 

Isabella, Little Frog, I leave you spontaneous bottle adoptions, Barbie movie marathons, and all of Mr. Levin’s dad jokes. 

Michael Sneezy, sorry you won’t be able to throw bagels at my car next year. Also, happy noon!

Mrs. O, I leave you heaping amounts of dark chocolate, mind-blowing Socratic seminars, and the knowledge that you have the sweetest soul on Earth. 

To Mr. Darlington, I leave you lemonaid, the Dark Side of the Rainbow, and just the casual conversation regarding our purpose in the universe. 

To Mr. J, I leave you the sticky hand I used to knock all the papers off of your desk that one time. 

To Ms. Britt, I leave my desire to rule the world. 

To next year’s physics class, I leave the pronunciation of a soldering iron, and Ben Jordan’s words that will forever live in infamy: “Clap for me!”

Mr. Levin, I leave you brown e’s, don’t get too excited. 

Ryan, Mac and Cheese. ‘Nough said.

Julia Speedy Reedy, I leave you jump-ball, large boxes, and so many stuffs that it feels like Thanksgiving every day. Also remember the first rule to hurdles: Survive. 

To the next E-Way crew, I leave you Mr. Diamond’s 10 bags of popcorn every 3rd period. 

To the track team, I leave you Mal’s event demonstrations, runs to Mac hill, long invitationals, and shin splints. 

Mr. Miller, I’m sure the entire senor class would like to leave you with a certain comedic and unforgettable joke. 

To Morgan, I leave you my rhythmic snap sessions, my broken ankles from your dribbling skills, and too many swishes to count during next year’s season. 

To anyone who takes any of Mr. Mal’s courses next year, just ask him about Tigers R Us or the murder of the poor avocado farmer. Thanks in advance. 

Izzy Mancini, agape.


I, Jackie Pilczuk, leave behind an array of stuff…

To Ms. Durand, I leave you all the sassy and annoying comments, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for pushing me through high school. Without you I have no clue where I’d be, definitely not graduating.

To Mr. Tripp, I leave behind Anna Garcia. 

To Mr. J, I leave behind my BEAMING ray of sunshine and all of my totally wanted comments in class (sorry, guess I’m not gonna be a super senior, I know you were looking forward to seeing me again.) 

To Mr. Bob (Mr. Darlington), I leave behind isodumb and almost setting the whole back lab up on fire.

To Mr. Cop (Officer Mike), I leave my excitement for you to come to class and not talk to you when you come in.

To Ms. Bellon, I leave behind my difficulties of trying to think of nice words to say.

To Mr. Kirvin, I leave behind the engaging conversations of Super Tuesday and stonks. 

To Taylor Coughlin, I leave behind the weight of carrying my math grade on your shoulders. 

To Sean Morse, I leave behind updog.

To Sierra Morse, I leave behind ahehe and you can have Spencer Reid.

To Hunter Gould, I leave behind our love for androids and all the memories we had in U.S. history.

To Lindsay Wight, I leave behind all of the texts saying “Can I get classworks from last week for math?”

To Leanne Rydzewski, I leave behind all of my jokes in child development. 

To Jaron Loux, I leave behind you almost setting me on fire, twice…

For all the underclassmen i leave behind these words of wisdom. Don’t take high school for granted, as proven this year it can be taken away from you with the blink of an eye. For most kids including myself school is where your friends are and what gets you through the day is seeing them, so make it worth your while. Also, for the people that struggle with work, there’s ALWAYS a loophole and use your teachers as a resource they are there to help not stare at. Studying is best the day before the exam and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t complain about Mr. Darlington’s blitzes. I hate to tell you, but absolutely nobody cares. And one last thing, people stink people can go behind your back, but don’t let them bother you, you can only be yourself, so look for the right people who appreciate you for who you are. 


I, Ruth Reichard, leave an incoming freshman locker number… what is it? I wouldn’t know. I leave the spot on the floor under Mrs. Ostrander’s desk to an incoming freshman, hoping that they will break the rules just as successfully as I have for the past four years. I also leave glorious parking spot number nine to the next student driver, in hopes that the proximity to the stairs help them to get to their homeroom in time. Best of luck.

To Ryan Ripepi, I leave co-ownership of the Low Brass section of the band. It is my hope that you continue to be as distracting as Aiden and I were, and that the memes always flow in the groupchat, in and out of class. Sorry Mr. Barrow. I leave you microwavable mac and cheese, and so many basketball memories that I will also carry with me. I leave you with an uncountable number of teeth jokes, the name Broth, and the responsibility to keep C-Lunch Gang going next year. I will miss you and your constant laugh that always brightens any situation. 

To Anna Meisenburg, I leave the other half of the Low Brass section of the band, in hopes that you also keep up the traditions. I leave you the three warm up laps in gym class that we never quite finished, along with every TikTok I send you at 1:00 am. I never expected this friendship, but I love the one we grew to have and you are one of the reasons it feels so difficult to leave. I hope you have two more great freshman years, don’t forget about me, I sure won’t forget about you. 

To Alaina Ashmutat, I leave edited Peppa Pig videos. I hope you continue to watch them on the bus to away games and laugh way too much, even without me there.

To Mrs. Ostrander, I leave all the Breakfast Bars that she gave me, and all the space that I took up in her room. You were always like a mom to me within the walls of the school and I really don’t think I would have succeeded as much as I did without someone like you in my corner. I would also like to reiterate what Rachel left you in her Senior Will 3 years ago, “But with a chocolate IV drip given by you, I was able to graduate.”

To Mr. Jacaruso, I leave the front-left desk, in hopes that someone else can finally sit there, now that I won’t be in your room the entire school day. I leave you the C-Lunch Gang, and while you’ll be missing some of us, I hope more come to fill our spots. Lastly, I leave you our calculus class, or sometimes lack-of-calculus class, along with the random conversations that always seemed to come along with it. 

To Emily Johnston, I leave you classroom memories. This was the first year I really had a chance to get to know you, but better late than never. I leave you the joy of UHS Chemistry and Statistics, and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do, because no matter what, it’s going to be great.

To Izzy Mancini, I leave all of the most random memories that I’ll never be able to fully compile. I just know that they always left me with a smile on my face, and I hope I can leave one on yours.

To Charlie Clark, I leave you with a peaceful chemistry classroom, as I always seemed to be the one out of focus. However, I leave you no chemistry knowledge, because you’re already smarter than me there.

To all the underclassmen on the soccer, basketball, and softball teams, I leave the many memories that I made throughout the years. I leave all of you many inside jokes, and I hope you can continue to make even more memories in your remaining years.

To all of Class of 2021, I leave you the perfect senior year that I never got. I leave you your Senior Homecoming, Prom, your Senior Trip (might I suggest Philadelphia, it was shaping up to look good), and your proper graduation. I leave you a senior countdown and a senior breakfast and a senior walkthrough. Take advantage of them, they might not all seem like a big deal, but as someone who missed out on most of them, trust me. They are worth it.

To the Coronavirus, I would leave you with an important message from the entire Class of 2020, but I doubt it would get published on here. 

And lastly, to the Galway Central School District and everyone who works here, I leave the memory of the Class of 2020, in all of our ups and downs. I thank you for everything you’ve done for me, in these past 13 years.


I, Hannah Hofmann, leave behind the following to Galway High School,

To Sadie Underwood and Sophia Fasolino, I leave you second period study hall and coffee. 

To Kylee Decker I leave you the bus rides in the back seat, “1” spot on the court, oatmeal and a banana. 

To Katy Kurtzner, Diana Colangelo and Julia Reedy, I leave you brown rice along with the nicknames, “Cottage Cheese, Big D, and Jules.”

To Amber Kolpakas, I leave you crocs, car rides, and wrist braces. 

To Olivia DesPres, I leave you Cardi B songs, making fun of your sisters and many sleepovers. 

To Henry Flint, I leave you the sign in the front of the school. 

To Izzy Dillon, I leave you with FFA, make Hannah Bramer proud, keep doing great things. 

To Alaina and Eliza, I leave you named as the best duo ever. 

To Matt Smith, I leave you an endless amount of high-fives. 

To Shanley DeRidder, I leave you the name DeRiddler. 

To Kailey Jankowski, I leave you random conversations and water. 

To Philomena, I leave you Sociology class and our project. 

To Grace DeNisio, I leave you with the time 4:45 am and snapchat videos. 

To Ryan Ripepi, I leave you B-lunch and many laughs. 

To Izzy Mancini (Izman), I leave you centerfield next year, don’t let me down. I leave you two dutch braids, and number 9. Most importantly I leave you the best conversations, advice and deep thoughts. I leave you with my prayers for the best senior year, never give up, always keep pushing yourself, you’ve got this. 

To Mr. T, I leave you New Year’s resolutions, deep conversations, our similar height, your bald head, and endless bickering. Can’t forget the blue toaster. 

To Mr. Levin, I leave you Envirothon 2018 and asking stupid questions. 

To Ms. Bellon, I leave you with many morning cries, B-lunch microwave chats, and nail stickers. 

To Mrs. Ostrander, I leave you the best English 11 Honors class ever… and many bars of candy. 

To Mr J, I leave you my Panera ownership, deep conversations, Señor Jota, and the best teacher award. 

To Señora Peconie, I leave you the greatest bunch of students known to man. 

To Coach Glenn, I leave you the best team in history, country music, jeans with a giant hole in the pocket, countless hours of hard work, sand court tryouts, diversity, carrying me out of the gym, walking off the court for the last time, cousins, art supplies in your room, and 99. 

To Mr. Darlington, I leave you with jokes about your hair. 

To Mr. Tripp, I leave you with long talks and great advice. 

To all of my elementary teachers, I leave you with the thank you of a lifetime for making me who I am today. 

To Coach V, I leave you overfilled tires, softball open gyms, and deep conversations. 

To Mr Miller, I leave you with a shovel propping open the door. 

To the future Volleyball team, I leave you with these wise words, “Take it one day at a time, one game at a time, one point at a time. Don’t take anything for granted. Be a family, support each other, care for each other, always stay positive, and keep your head up. What you do in practices you do in games. Give it your all, 100% of the time.” I leave you with tie dying, regional bus ride and dinner, 6:00 am practices, postgame weight room talks, white scrunchies, sand court tryouts, ball machine, gas can, crossfit, and least importantly, mountains. 


I, Rachel Germain, leave behind the following to Galway High School:

To my sister, Taylor Germain, I have left behind a wonderful impression and legacy with all of my teachers. Please don’t ruin it, thanks.

To Jadon Flinton, it was fun being your locker buddy. I leave you a new locker buddy who I hope you enjoy.

To an incoming freshman, I leave you my old locker, #230. FYI, Jadon can be nice at times, but good luck!

To Mrs. Lushkevich, I leave you the DoSomething Club! Thank you for helping me start it this year and being the advisor. 

To the Galway DoSomething Club, you will all do great things for our community, keep up the great work! I leave you new co-presidents. 

To Mrs. Sitts, I leave you all of the new interns. It was a great experience! I will miss ranting to you during my study hall and lunch. 

To Mrs. Ostrander, I leave you with the current and new GTV anchors. I really enjoyed being an anchor this year. Thank you for convincing me to join! 

To my 6th graders (soon to be 7th graders), I leave you an amazing JR/SR high school. I loved it and so will you. Good luck with all of your future endeavors. 

To Mr. Miller, I leave behind fantastic students and teachers. Galway is so lucky to have so many amazing teachers!

To Mrs. Donovan, I leave behind all of Galway. Galway has always been my home and always will be. I will definitely be back to visit. 

My advice to high school freshmen is that no matter what you think now, high school will fly by. It happened to me, good luck!


The Senior Will of Kaylee Bagdan 

To Isabella Hart, I leave basically everything. I have confidence that you will make this school even more beautiful than it already is and I cannot wait to see the amazing things you do with your life. If I had to leave one specific thing to you, I leave a stuffed animal cow, so you can have your own Arthur ride along for when you start to drive your own car and go on your own adventures. Please don’t forget me.

To Grace O’Brien, I leave Vicki’s mozzarella sticks and melba sauce after school. I know I will continue to see you all the time, but I just want you to know how loved you are. GVO, you are the best!

To Izzy Mancini, who made fun of my Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Perfume each and every B day, I leave you my gym locker. I hope it is stained with the scent of relaxation and eucalyptus. I will miss you homie.

To Ryan Ripepi, I leave you Student Senate and a freshly organized Google Drive folder. I know you are more than prepared to take on your role as President next year and I have confidence that you will be one of the best leaders this school has ever seen. Remember to be yourself first and foremost and you will go on to do great things. 

To Xavier Russell, I leave you the front lab table to sit in when you visit Mr. Darlington for me. Continue to be the kind and caring kid you are. Thank you for always making me smile and giving me the obligatory high fives in the hallways!

To Emily Johnston, I leave you with all our memories from dance and of being dragged to firehouse functions together. Please invite me to the recital next year, because I can’t wait to see your Senior Solo. You continue to amaze me with each and every new dance, I am so proud of the person you have become. 

To Sara Conti, I leave you Eagles Media Center. I know this year got crazy and I never had an opportunity to teach you what I learned from my years in the club, but I have faith that you will be amazing nonetheless. I wish we had more time to get to know one another, but from what I have seen, you are one amazing girl.

To Katy Kurtzner, I leave you with all our memories from elementary and middle school OM practices and competitions. Thank you for always putting up with our crazy songs, set designs, and insane costumes. Good luck with volleyball next year, can’t wait to see you go to state’s again this year!

To the Darlingtons, I would not have made it through my senior year without you. You are the couple that I aspire to be one day and am blessed to have met both of you. I leave you with a recipe for your reusable cup from an E-Way Volunteer and popcorn with extra Flavocol: no sugar, four packages of cream, one heaping scoop of hot chocolate powder, black coffee, and three pumps of coconut syrup even though you always wanted two. 

To Mrs.O’Brien-Yetto, thank you for all our heart to heart sessions and Impressions-related exhaustion. I leave you all the green pens in the world!

To Mrs.O, thank you for always being a positive role model for all students and always encouraging people to work their hardest. I leave you with endless hugs and jokes about where are your legs when you wear camo pants. 

To Mr.Tripp, I leave you your fish, please take them back. Please. I’m begging you. I leave you with the memories of Wilson before his untimely death and the ‘yeet’ of the dead fish out the classroom window and down the 7th grade toilet. RIP Olaf and Big Brain. 

To the person who gets spot 29 in the parking lot, I do not leave you my parking tag. Sorry not sorry, but I had Mr.Miller sign it and it is now worth millions. Hahaha, but seriously it is the best parking spot, please enjoy it!

To my teammates, I leave you with the memories of all those fruit snacks we have eaten and the hope that you guys have a fantastic season next year.

To my teachers, thank you for always being there for me and I leave you with the sense that I am right around the corner from the school. Skidmore isn’t that far away, so either be happy or very, very scared. 

To the administrators, thank you for making this year one to remember despite all the chaos with Covid-19. You all deserve so much respect and appreciation for what you do! I leave you with the idea to make an alumni email network for Galway so that alumni can still keep in contact with you and the teaching staff. Just an idea!

To the janitorial staff, thank you for always being there when I needed you most. Specifically, the time when I left my keys in my locked, running car and we got the lock picking tools stuck in my passenger side door. I love you guys!

To the cafeteria staff, thank you for always knowing my name, my peanut allergy, and my dislike for boiled green beans. I appreciate you guys saving me hot pretzels and always being willing to heat up food for me, even when I came in twenty minutes late. You guys rock!

To MLA format, I leave you with the knowledge that nothing looks right now unless it is in Times New Roman, size 12, double spaced, with proper heading and page numbers on the top right hand corner. 

To Galway, I leave you my pain, my sweat, and my tears, but most importantly I leave you my love. You are my home and always will be my home. You have been with my family for generations and I hope it does not end with me. Thank you for giving me the shelter I needed to grow, but now it is time to leave the nest. Let’s watch this Golden Eagle soar!