The Do Something Club is still working hard to help others!

Rachel Germain, President and Founder of the Do Something Club at the High School has continued to work hard on a couple campaigns during quarantine.

The club has collected clothes, shoes, food, games, books and a lot of other items for the homeless. Rachel will be delivering everything to a shelter in Schenectady.

Also, the Club decided to buy masks for essential businesses in Galway with money that they raised from a bake sale when we were still in school. The money was originally supposed to be used for a carnival they were going to host at school. They purchased 100 masks; some were delivered to Mr. Miller at the High School.  Rachel is planning on delivering more masks to other locations such as the fire department, and possibly the EMS and the food pantry.

But that’s not all! Rachel presented a virtual financial literacy session, with another one due to be scheduled in the upcoming weeks. She mailed out all the activity books the club made for the children at the Bernard and Millie Duker Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center.

Despite the school closing, Rachel has emailed all seniors, reminding them to register to vote since her voter registration booth was cancelled. When she was thanked for all she and the club have done for the District and the community, Rachel said, “I’m trying to figure out what else my club can do and how we can help out.”

Great job Rachel and the Do Something Club!