Practicing Kindness While Tensions are High

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Anna Dabrowski, EMC Staff Writer

As we close out our second week of quarantine I wanted to write a little update. It’s bewildering  to think that in the last week we have jumped from around 3,000 COVID-19 cases in the U.S., to roughly 120,000 cases when I’m writing this. 53,000-ish of these cases are in New York. This situation has definitely escalated quickly with headline after headline bringing news of new deaths (2,000 overall as I’m writing this), and everyone including myself are feeling the stress. Day after day melds together and I’m sure many of us had amazing plans to be the most productive humans ever, that have since been abandoned. 

It’s all going to be okay. Everyday we live through, is another day closer to reaching the virus’s peak, and then it’ll all get a bit easier from there. We are going to be okay, but since these are trying, stressful, times; I would like to remind everyone to practice kindness.

Expect less of your siblings. You are all going to be at each others throats and it’s no ones’ fault. It’s really hard to coexist with multiple people for extended periods of time. Expect less of your parents, some of them may have lost their jobs or may be experiencing pay cuts. They are on edge. Just think however stressful your life is right now, their stress is doubled. So if they accidentally snap or yell, be a bit more forgiving and just know that it’s not your fault, only the circumstance.

People are bored and upset and looking for a way to express their anger. Be forgiving with friends and try to de-escalate any quarrels as fast as possible because no one is in the right headspace right now. Carrying on small arguments after they are through is not helpful to anyone. Let’s avoid people getting hurt.

Last but not least, the next time you are upset, unplug, take a few breaths, and tell the sky your problems because I don’t want to see pointless arguments on social media with people butting in and taking sides. Go read a book (something our generation hasn’t done for a long time). 

~~~How are you practicing kindness? Share in the comments below! We can all use the positivity!~~~