Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Brooke Padgett, Jr.High Guest Contributor

Black and white, I thought it was

I was told the world was plain

That black and white was the only way 

Little did I know about the truth


As I explored the world one day

Which was against our specific way

I saw a slip up in the canvas wall

Of our painted world that we made


As I lifted the fake sky 

I saw a whole new world

Right before my eyes

Never did I know about this new place


I quickly ran to the thing in front of me

Tall it was with this..thing on top

A tall bottom with such a fluffy top

How didn’t I know of this before?


I looked up and saw this beautiful thing

So bright

So new

So different to me


Black and white, I thought it was

Oh how  wrong I once was



Brooke, an 8th grader, wrote this in response to the image Ms. Leonardo discovered in Google images and posted for students on Google Classroom to try their hand at some creative writing during the quarantine.