A message to my peers

 A message to my peers

Anna Dabrowski, EMC Staff Writer

Wow, if you’re anything like me then you’ve been living through the past few days feeling like you’re in a fever dream that you can’t wake up from. Growing up reading many dystopian novels myself, I’m definitely unsettled to say the least. It was only a month ago when I wrote my first article regarding the virus, and boy was I wrong. A month ago I wasn’t worried about the virus at all, the U.S. seemed untouchable in my naive eyes.

And no, this is still not the time to freak out and buy 400 cases of water and or toilet paper, but this pandemic has had a far greater effect than I thought it would. To date 3,487 people have been infected nationally, with nearly 1000 of the cases being in New York. New York has the highest number of cases, and for any students far in the future reading this, school is being closed for a month. As serious as this is, I am optimistic that if we can slow the curve and not over run hospitals, most will emerge unscathed. In order to do this, I feel that something needs to be clarified.

This break from school may seem like a vacation, and many of you may have jumped for joy when it was announced. I’m sorry but you’re wrong. This was an attempt to increase social distancing, because the more people that stay home, the slower the spread of the disease. I know that this sucks and you’re probably bored, but stay home. This isn’t a time to go hang out with your friends every day while partying at night. You may say “Well I’m young, I don’t care if I contract the virus.” The harsh reality is that you may be unknowingly delivering a death sentence to your grandparents by not social distancing. Not to mention any friend you have with asthma or compromised immune systems.

In Italy if you refuse to social distance when you are sick, you can potentially be tried or murder. Think about that. Maybe you don’t feel sick, but you could still be carrying the virus. Sure meeting one person a week and staying a safe distance away from them is probably ok, but I’m seeing way too many posts of people out with groups “on the town.” It’s not your decision to decide that spreading the virus is okay because “it’s only old people,” it’s not your right to determine who could potentially live and die.

Parents, please please enforce social distancing among your kids. Some don’t know what’s good for them, and by allowing these “I’m untouchable” attitudes, you are also helping the spread of the virus.

Seniors, I’m so sorry for you. I wish there was another way, but this is how it has to be. Hopefully this will all cool down by May.

Remember, stay safe, stay at home, and don’t freak out too much.