Behind the Scenes of “Shrek”

Ari Persaud, EMC Staff Writer

Being a part of stage crew is hard work, but a very fun experience. There is always something to do, especially if you’re a prop manager like me. This year Galway High Drama is doing “Shrek.” “Shrek” is a very prop heavy play, as there are many fairy tale creatures, scene changes, and actions in general. When watching the show, or even the sneak peak before the show dates, you would never consider the time and effort put into the backgrounds, or props. I know I didn’t, that is before I joined crew. Now I realize how long it takes to paint a single flat, let alone the ten that may be needed per scene.

There are also many small things, like benches, or bushes, or even boxes that have to be painted in order to match the theme of the play, you can’t have a pink and purple box in the middle of a scene that takes place in the forest!

Another difficulty in stage crew is the illusions we have to create. For instance, the scene where Donkey and Shrek are crossing the Dragon’s bridge. We have to create the illusion that they are walking across a bridge with those gaps, which is very difficult as a high school production. “Shrek” is a movie and show that nearly everyone knows, so everyone has expectations. People want to see what they saw in the movie, or the Broadway production. That’s why well-known shows are very difficult, because people know what they want to see.

Though it is a lot of work building these sets and props, seeing it come to life on stage is always worth it. The most heartbreaking thing is taking it all down after the show. Removing the tape off the floor that marked where flats would go, putting everything back in the storage shed, and seeing everything come to an end really does make you realize all you’ve done. Especially for the seniors this year: Morgan, Peter, Vanessa, Garrett, Leah, Russell, and Aiden. We’ll miss you next year!