Breaking News: Storm hits Galway

Ethan Dabrowski, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

Today in Galway a terrible wind storm swept through. It caused bus issues and trees to fall on houses, one of which was Mrs. Decker’s. Mrs. Decker, who had to run home on last minute notice said, “I felt more at risk driving home amid the swirling leaves and branches every where in the road than when I got there. Luckily I only lost a few shingles. The damage was minimal.”

The storm also caused issues for White, Train, and Purple buses. Worst of all, a tree branch broke the glass window on Purple while the kids were riding. White and Train bus couldn’t pick up a kid, because a tree was dangling from a power line. 

Finally, the storm knocked out power for a large amount of students, myself included. 

Rumors had it that it knocked out the power to the school and we were running on a generator but those flickering lights were just temporary. Stay safe Eagles. (You should be okay.)