Locker time tips

Locker time tips

Mariska Leszczynski, EMC Jr. High Staff Writer

Ever left class to get something you forgot? Been late to the bell because your locker is jammed? Needed to get to your locker after school has closed for the day? Most people know what to grab and when to do it but if you are like me, you’ll need this. Here are 10 tips to be on time and to survive school.

10.Plan to have extra time in the morning to arrange your stuff in the order of your classes. It’s easier to grab and stay organized.

9. If you’re one who jams his/her locker a lot, try making sure there is nothing in the way of the door–it saves time and saves you from breaking what’s blocking it

8. One class on the other side of the school and another on the other? Bring things for more than one class so you’re on time.

7.and 6. The bell rings. Everyone leaves but you’re stuck trying to grab the piles and piles of your stuff out of your desk! Solution–try putting it in smaller groups. Also put the larger things on the bottom and the smaller things on top; they will be easier to hold and carry

5. Most people will slam their locker door and run when late, but DO NOT slam your locker door! It could jam, break something in your locker, and dealing with the aftermath could make you late to another class

4. Use a planner or write what you need for the night in your agenda.

3. Are you always late to your classes? Try to find a quicker way to your classes. If there is none, try carrying a lighter load so you can move faster.

2. Leave excess stuff at home. Make a checklist of what you need for the next morning and get rid of anything in your bag you don’t need.

1. Do you have no room for anything in your locker because you have a sports bag? Ask if you can keep something in a teacher’s room. I know Sra. Peters allows it.

These are 10 time tips to be on time and survive school.