Senior Wills 2019

From Kindergarten to Senior Year at Galway there have been so many memories that could never be forgotten or replaced. I, Ambyr Snow Lyons, would feel best to leave my favorite people some thank yous and things to be proud of. Those are the items I choose to leave them with, as well as the unspoken memories.

I would like to thank anybody who has supported me and has been proud of me for all that I have accomplished. I have several people that I especially want to thank. First, I want to thank Mrs. O for supporting me and being proud of me. Thank you for having Hershey Bars that made me become EMC’s #1 customer! I will definitely miss buying them as well as organizing the Chromebooks! Thank you for telling me I can do it and that you always believed in me. Thank you for all the help you have given to me and all you have taught me. I appreciate every bit of it. Second, I want to thank Ms. Booth (Boothy) for teaching me everything I now know about music. You have taught me so much and never let me give up. You have accepted me and I always have loved how much you appreciate music and deal with us. You always try your best and you gave me strength to try even harder. Thank you for adding onto all the enthusiasm I create. Thank you for the dumb jokes that I laughed so much to. Thank you for being proud of how far I have come and wanting me to pursue in singing more. I will never forget every funny moment or the many snorts we made. Singing along to old songs or making song references. You always remember my favorite songs to sing. We have made so many memories with the many song choices. You encouraged me in ways I will always be thankful for. The laughs and inside jokes with always remain in my heart. I am beyond thankful for staying in chorus and doing Chambers. You are the best.

Third, I want to thank Mrs. Gerber for being one of my supporters and telling me I can get through anything that comes my way. Thank you for making me feel prouder of my mental health accomplishments. Lunch, GSA, and BUGS have made many unforgettable memories. You are an incredible advisor for our clubs and your support has amazed me. Fourth, I want to thank Mrs. McDonald for reminding me I can do better and appreciating my attempts to help others and keep myself going. Thank you for making me laugh and being extremely understanding, I appreciate that so much. Fifth, I want to thank Mrs. Sartin, my 9th-10th grade Spanish teacher for making me love Spanish. I did not do Spanish this year (‘19), but I miss you a lot. Thank you for all the laughs and embracing my skills in the class. Thank you for adding onto my enthusiasm, it helped make so many memories I could never forget. Last but not least, I want to thank Mr. Tripp for never giving up on me. You always saw potential in me that I hadn’t. You strived for me to do better and believed in me. You comforted me when I came into class miserable and always did your best. Thank you for the lunch and class memories. You show your support for me everyday. I appreciate it.  Thank you to every teacher I have had that helped me grow. Thank you to the teachers who have believed in me and pushed me to do better. I give you all the thanks and hopes that you all will continue to be as great as you were to me. I will miss you all dearly, I will try to visit when I can!

I have more thanks to give to my family. I will thank my Mom over and over again. Hey Look Ma, I Made It! She has been my biggest supporter throughout everything. Thank you for never giving up on me and trying to help me do better. Thank you for encouraging me. I am beyond thankful for the love, care, support, and encouragement you give me everyday. I do not know where I would be without you. You helped me grow and to be a better person. Thank you for understanding and reminding me that I am doing better. Thank you for being so proud of me. I love you and need you to know how much I appreciate you. Next, I want to thank my Dad for reminding me of my strength and that I will get through every obstacle I face. You were right. I made it through and got stronger. Thank you for the encouragement and believing me. Thank you for all that you have done for me. I love you and you deserve to know how much you have done to help me. I want to thank my siblings, Violette, Elena, and Holly, for supporting me. Violette, you have believed in me and pushed me to do better. Thank you so much. You spoil me with kind and inspirational words. I wanted to thank you because you strive so much to do your best and that has helped encourage me. I want to thank my Grammy, who passed away in 2014 because she would have been so proud of me. I think about all of my accomplishments and how she would have had the biggest smiles to watch Violette, Holly, and me graduate. She would have been one of my biggest supporters. I want to thank my Grandma & Grandpa, they have watched me grow and support me at anything they can. They come to my events and cheer me on. My Grandma tries to attend my events, especially my choral concerts. I am beyond thankful for both of their love and support. I love you guys!

I want to thank my best friends over the years. No matter what has happened between us, we have many memories that I can never forget. Growing up with everyone has been a wild adventure. I want to thank Evin Drake for being one of the sweetest human beings, as well as being my #1 supporter. You have cheered me on and watched me gain so much strength over the past 4 years that we have been best friends. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I love and appreciate you. Next, I want to thank Audra Greene for being an incredible best friend and never giving up on me. You pushed me to be the best I can be, you never let me give up. You’ve reminded me of all the strength I have and I am beyond thankful for that. I love you and I appreciate you so much. Third, I want to thank someone extremely special to me who has passed away in 2016, Brendon Loya. I want to thank him for being so good to me and caring about me. I want to thank him for never giving up on me or himself. Cancer sucks and he definitely did not deserve what he got, but I am thankful I was able to be a best friend and have him in my life. I love and miss you so much “BMan.” Last but not least, I want to thank Morgan Edwards for sticking with me through all my troubles and reminding me of all the positives about me. Thank you for loving me and never giving up on our friendship no matter how far you were from me. You have supported me throughout my worst times. I love you, I am so glad I have you.

I want to thank my group of best friends. Quinton Baldwin, Charlie Hersey, Ev Relyea, Julia Holbrook, Paige Loya, Kim Martin, Leanne Rydzewski, Jackie Pilczuk, Damian Novack, Alex Bott, Eddie/Alex Miskel, Hayli Raylinsky, and Vanessa Colangelo for their love and support. There have been hard times, but they have supported me. Thank you all for the memories we have made. Whether it was gym class fun, or chorus class with some, or other classes we have had some great memories, I can’t wait to make more! You all are incredible human beings and I am so thankful. Lots of love, I give you all my thanks, appreciation, and memories. I believe that is special enough :).


As graduation draws near, I feel that I, Joshua Rumsey, must leave some things behind so that my legacy will be eternal.

First, and most importantly, I give the title of Largest Man in Galway to Mr. Benjamin Patrick Jacaruso. Now that I am gone, you won’t have to worry about being the 2nd biggest man everyday, congrats. Next, I hereby give my hairline to Mr. Toscano. Your sacrifice will forever be remembered. Also, shoutout to Mr. Mal for having me three periods everyday, what a champ. I’d also like to thank him for coaching me in two sports. I can say with confidence that he is the best Varsity High School Track/XC coach I’ve ever had. Now, onto students. I give all of my band talent to Dalton Sargeant, he will need it. I also give the title of President of the Band to Mr. Aiden Holbrook, may you serve well. And that’s about it all the other stuff is mine.

Oh yeah, I also have to thank Galway High School. Thanks bud, I’ve learned all I know in these halls, met the bestest of friends, and will share the greatest of memories with everyone here. I have full confidence that at least 17% of my grade will go on to do great things, all thanks to you. College will be one crazy shift, but Galway is my home.


I didn’t grow up in Galway like a lot of my peers, but I do like to think that I’ve learned so much from the community. I, Quinton Baldwin as class of 2019 would like to leave some things behind.

To the future S.A.D.D member I leave my seat of Vice President, We’ve had so much fun over the three years. Going to conferences, making cards for the veterans, visiting animal shelters. This club focuses on very serious subjects that have affected so many, and yet we help turn it from something that’s been heard a million times to something that our friends will listen to and respect. We’ve focused and helped so many, I love having the memories through the years with this group and will never forget them.

To Mrs. Mierzwa I leave my empty seat at Mac 11. Through the three years you’ve helped me grow as an artist and a person. I am so grateful for everything that you’ve showed me, right down to helping me with my math in PLTW because “we have the same brain”.  It’s going to be weird not starting my morning walking into your art room. You have mentored me, and inspired my to become an art teacher. I’m excited to help pave the way to my students one day as you have for me.

To my best friends… Ambyr.L, Hayli.R, Alex.B, Cassidy.F, Eddie(Alex).M you guys have always been there for me and put up with me. I leave you guys the memories and my phone number so we can create even more. This year has been amazing with you guys and you have made my year livable.

To Galway High School thank you for letting me pass and graduate! Thank you for the memories, but I can’t wait to move on and go to college.


I, Samantha Grant, leave behind the following to Galway High School:

To an incoming freshman, I leave you locker 223.

To Isabella Hart, I leave you so many fantastic books to read. I leave you our daily conversations about life and most importantly, I leave behind to you the encouragement to do anything you set your mind to.

To Anna Gardener, I leave you the coolest socks ever and constant volleyball jokes.

To Izzy Mancini, I leave you blue uggs, clammy high-fives, and the coolest dance moves.

To Rachel Wnuk, I leave you taps on the shoulder, the joys of recycling club after school, and slam dunks in basketball.

To Julia Reedy, I leave you fuzzy blankets.

To Ruth Reichard, I leave you gluten free cookies and hilarious times in Mr J’s room.

To Alex Malanoski, I leave you a stress-free senior year.

To future EMC writers, I leave you the amazing EMC trip to NYC and countless hours of writing ahead of you. Enjoy!

To the future 4 by 800 meter girls team, I leave to you those frightening and nerve racking few minutes before the race is about to start. I will not miss those feelings.

To the future Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team, I leave you 3 hour long practices, several mountains a day, and superstition. I also leave you the determination to work your hardest and most importantly, have fun.

To the future Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team, I leave you broken ankles, slam dunks, and three pointers. I also leave you the amazing coaching and advice of Coach Meashaw. You guys are going to do great this year.

To the future Varsity Track Team, I leave you killer pre-season workouts, long invitationals, the Alexander Loop, sprints up Mack Hill, and if you’re lucky, a few laid back frisbee practices. Through it all, don’t forget to enjoy every moment.

To Coach Glenn, I leave behind mountains. Only volleyball players will understand the true pain of these. I also leave to you many cows for your farm.

To Mr. Toscano, I leave behind the countless times you gave me good advice, The 1975, and all the times I’d yell, “Hey Mr. T!!”. I also leave behind soda can tabs to add to the collection. Thanks for always being there for me.

To Mr. J, I leave behind Personal Financial Management, a.k.a. The GREATEST class of all time. Highly recommend.

To Mrs. McDonald, I leave you lots of 83’s and “washes”.

To Mrs. Gerber, I leave behind the amazing BUGs program.

To Mr. Tripp, I leave behind Google Sheets, I hate them and will never understand how to use them. It’s fine. I also leave behind our college talks, pop tarts, and homeroom breakfasts.

To Mrs. Ooooo, I leave you chocolate, Starbucks, and many wonderful books. P.S. you’re amazing.

To Mr. Kirvin, I leave you endless jokes about baby hairs, awkwardness, and “the pole”. I also leave you a Starbucks Gift Card and many Prom photo booth pictures. In addition, I leave you the bet I lost Sophomore year. Dang it.


I, Jessica Pakatar would like to leave some things behind as I finally leave this place.

To Isabella Mancini, I leave all our bus rides to Softball and Basketball games, pinky friends during the national anthem at all basketball games, tag teaming in and out of every game, all of our ice cream dates, the crazy spontaneous adventures we take, all the laughs, tears and crazy nights we’ve had together, all the insane roast on people, the hours of facetime trying to teach me chem and always ending up talking about something that isn’t chem and all the back and forth “IZZZZZYYY MANCINIIIIIII” “JESSSSSSIIIICCCCCCAAA” in the hallway.  I leave all the life advice you’ve tried giving me even though I never listened and you would respond with “bro WHY?” when I told you I did it anyway. Finally, I leave you a friendship that will never die.

To Rachel Wnuk, I leave you everyday waves and all the “Hello Hello” greetings.

To Mr.Tripp, I leave 4 years of life advice for the next upcoming freshman whose life will probably fall apart and you’ll have to help. I leave Twin Day, 3 years of egg toss (would of been 4 but ya ditched me), all the Remind messages of pictures of pretty waterfalls I sent you, funny jokes, and “why do you hate me now?” messages. I leave all my skipping class to cry over boys with you and all the “do you wanna see the kids?” that always cheered me up. I leave you with all my ups and downs I put you through, all the life coaching and “stop telling me that” conversations, lastly…I leave someone the ability to have a bond with you like I did, no one can replace me but I sure hope that someone can appreciate the things you do other than teaching. It’s teachers like you I’ll never truly be able to leave behind.

To Nick Keller, I leave you every 3rd and 4th period shenanigans annoying Coach V and making Mr. Darlington question why he still teaches here.

To Jackie, I leave you Mr. Darlington, you can annoy him more with me gone…twitter:@jpakatar … just read the thread called “Jackie”

To my Jaron, Adam, Nick R, Sierra & Mr. Darlington, I leave all my sarcastic comments and “what’s even going on?” everyday. GOD BLESS we made it through.

To Erin, Justice, Antonio, Glenda, Lizzy&Trin..I leave you all the great conversations we’ve had and all the love, smiles, hugs and high fives you’ve given me when I needed it the most. You guys are so special to me and I promise to come back and visit next year!

To Mrs. Prehn…I leave you algebra junior year and all the apologies I owed you but never said them, you pushed me harder than any math teacher I had in my whole career, you’re truly a great teacher and I’m sorry I was a brat…much love.


Therein lies the last will and testament of Aidan O’Beirne. My time at this school is short and I am sorry I had to leave. I have decided that it was my time. Now there’s the matter of all these memories. So let’s begin.

To Elise Arey I leave all your tardy’s

To Riley Flint I leave your knowledge of Government

To Sam Grant I leave all the times Kirvin yelled at you and called you names

To Christian Hines I leave the memories of the bus for the senior trip

To Ryan Ingle I leave your fast running skills

To Osie Johnson I leave the memory of X-C

To Eric Malanoski I leave your hat on your head.

To Josh I leave all the laughs and jokes from X-C

To Collin Wieland I leave all the times you said hi to me in the Hallway

To Emma Smith I leave your positive outlook on life.

To Natalie and Siela Zembsch I leave the memory of me never getting your names right.

To Mrs. Immel I leave the memories of my first year in high school

To Mrs. Remscheid and Mr. Johnson I leave my memories of 5th grade

To Mrs. Yerdon, Mr. Nettleton and Mrs. Gload I leave my memories of 6th grade

To Mrs. Decker thank you for all your help in English and thank you for being there through my entire high school years.

To Mrs. DeLuca, need I say more Mrs. Tollbooth? Thank you for your positive attitude and joyfulness like Mrs. Decker.  Thanks for being there for me.

To Mrs. Mars thanks for all your help in 8th grade math and for laminating all my papers.

To Mrs. Akin I leave you my Khan Academy points and account.

To Mrs. Sitts I leave what little bit of ink is left in your printer.

To Mrs. Kinne I leave you all the fun times in the kitchen and the skills you have taught me.

To Mrs. Gerber I leave you all the stress I caused you.

To Mrs. Derwin I leave all the books I never checked out and the laughs we had.

To Mr. Diamond I leave you the thanks of helping through my math career.

To Mrs. Prehn I leave the thanks for helping me pass geometry.

To Mr. Jacaruso I Leave all the drinking I caused you as well as the funny jokes you told and the help you gave me to help me pass geometry.

To Mrs. Peters I leave your La tarrea song and you smile and of course Las Papas Fritas

To Ms. Booth I leave the joyous fun memories of your music class.

To Mrs. Caly I leave the memories of Daryl Dixon and the experiments we did.

To Mr. Darlington I leave all the pieces of newspaper you leave in the library.

To Mr. Tripp I leave all your slideshows and the clickers for tests and your fun attitude.

To Ms. Bellon I leave all my projects.

To Mr. Kirvin I leave the memory of you letting me into honors social studies and believing in me.

To Mr. Maliszewski I leave my X-C memories and me sleeping in your class, sorry

To Mrs.Vandenburgh I leave the scent of coffee and your cheerful smile.

To Mrs. Brewster I leave the thank for your help during the geometry test, the way you kept me going and positive, even when I wanted to quit the test.

To Mrs. Yates I leave all those times I visited you. Your smile and happiness always cheered me up and made me smile even in the gloomiest of times.

To Mrs. Colby I leave all the boxes of tissues I took.

To Mrs. Donovan I leave my thanks for being a friend to me.

To all the teacher aides I leave all the times we spent together and the laughs and good times.


I, Jonathan Fajans, leave Galway the following Senior Will:

To Mr. Miller, I leave all our political talks. To Mr. Diamond, I leave my calculator and my lateness to class. To Mr. Barrow, I leave Fanfare. To Ms. Booth, I leave my constant class talking. To Mrs. O, I leave behind all my money for candy and my late essays. To Mrs. McDonald, I leave my Causal Argument Essay. To Peter Stewart, I bestow upon you my bass clarinet. Long Live and be loud. To Mr. D, I give you all my unfinished problem sets. To Mr. J, who I will miss the most, I leave you any T-poses, GED’S, AAAHHHHHs, and the 8 unfinished questions on the Algebra II Regents. I also leave you my loudness, the scuffy J write up, and our love for Trump. Trump 2020. To Walter, I leave you Walter’s Ocean. To Dalton, I leave you our avant garde sessions and my tenor sax. To Mr. Tripp, I leave all our wonderful memories together. To gym class, I leave behind a broken and sprained ankle.

To the staff and faculty of Galway, I leave nothing, except my mark. I owe much to you, and I ask that you remain the same. My experience was amazing, and so many friends and memories have been added to my life. I thank everyone that has brought me here, and I look forward to what lies ahead. To my high school experience, I leave behind my Trump impression, my play performances, and lunchtime hijinks. To all my friends and teachers, I leave behind the memory of THE Jonald Fajans.  


I, Madison Kieft, leave Kolby not only the Kieft legacy, but also all of the gum in my locker. I leave Alex and Ruth all the memories from Bio. To Rachel Wnuk, I leave you your name, Rachelson. To Holden, I leave you a full sleeve of club crackers. To Mr. Toscano’s lunch crew, I leave you all the plastic silverware in the cafeteria. To Ken Hay, I leave you room at your locker, and all the chewed gum and orange juice you could ever ask for. To Mr. Toscano, I leave you all of our dumb jokes and quiet free periods without Lily and me bothering you. To Ryan Lovelass, I leave you good luck in college chem, thanks for answering my dumb questions haha. To the Varsity Boys’ Soccer team, I leave you a manager who is probably not as cool as me 🙂 and to whoever stole my twinkie, I hope you step on a lego. Thank you to everyone for all the laughs and passing hellos in the hallways. Peace out!


Well, here we are. The final moments of high school. In times like these, I find it wise to look back and reflect. And because of this I, Hannah Thompson, formally leave behind the following things.

To several incoming freshmen, I leave lockers 327, 328, 329, and 330. Take good care of them.

To Morgan and Brian, I leave the GTV studio and all of the videos. Treat her well.

To Vanessa, Kaylee, and Hayli, I leave the Impressions magazine. May she bring you as much joy as she brought me.

To Science Club, I leave rain boots and a duck.

To Galway High Drama, I leave you broken legs, a gypsy robe, and Lilo and Stitch the Musical.

To Dalton Sargent, I leave some musical genius, hellos in the hallway, and invitations to guys night.

To Ryan Ripepi, I leave you all my hype.

To Alex Malanoski, I leave all of my stress, perfect scores, and a poem about your depression.

To Holden Decker, I leave Barnyard Harmony, a shirt you wore yesterday, and a few unspoken photos.

To Riley Francis Flint, I leave a broken marriage and a fight for custody over Corden.

To Christian Hines, I leave you all my second place trophies.

To Mr. J, I leave you Country Roads and Christian Tree and a debt free life.

To Mr. Tripp I leave you all my Letterkenny references. Pitter patter.

To Mr. Kirvin, I leave a nametag and a slew of alternate identities for every incorrect name you have called me.

To Mrs. OOO,  I leave a BIG hug, an infinite amount of thank you’s, and Tamar, Lord of the Flies, The Grapes of Wrath, Night, and All Quiet on the Western Front, all of which I never returned.

To Galway High School, I leave four years of memories, many joyous returns, and a heartfelt goodbye.


Galway has been an incredible place to grow up and learn. For that, I, Natalie Zembsch, would like to leave a few things behind.

To Science Club, I leave you rain boots to wear to envirothon and procrastination until the night before to get our solution together ;). To the lovely clarinets, I leave you a few squeaks here and there, but the confidence to play out and be the best that you are. Making a loud mistake once is better than playing an entire piece too quiet! To next year’s calculus class, I leave you the terror of trigonometric derivatives and antiderivatives, and the rare chance of getting a perfect homework grade under Mr. J’s incredible math teacher grading eye. To Student Senate, I leave whoever will do the new monthly bulletin board (hopefully on time next year to make up for all the late ones we put up!). To Mr. J, I leave you a few memes and our class songs. Please sing them with us at least once in our last class together. To Shayna, I leave you first clarinet pieces, you’ve got it! To Holden, I leave you the difference between a Bald Eagle and SeaGull, bike rides to school, and xc preseason (but you’ve probably upgraded to running to those). To Mr. Kirvin, I leave you B lunch and your salads. To Ruth, I leave you potentially 3000 miles to attend college out west!! (Pacific > Atlantic, just sayin’.) To Mrs. Decker, I leave you planks during practice, and baby ducklings to cuddle with. To Mrs. O, I leave a giant bear hug and the nostalgia of needing to go to your room for homeroom 🙂 aaaand smiles for a lifetime!! Finally, to the Class of 2019 and Galway CSD, I leave my love. See ya later!! ♡


I, Sarah Ernst, leave you all,

Joey, MY finalist singlet and youth boys wrestling shoes (Thanks for teaching me absolutely NOTHING) Also, the football that you threw at my face <3

Josh, The New Media ECCA program (Hopefully you get in or that would just suck) Also, your rat-phobia

Jade, Opening the pole vault pit without Ryan or me

Gabby, Endless fun and breaking the rules (Sport Island this summer?)

Gabi, Miley Cyrus, and our bathroom trip at Cracker Barrel

Emma Spadero, The 400 meter Dash 😉

Adam, 99 pounds, take it or leave it

Izzy, A little sprinkle of salt and our handshake for each soccer game

Rachael, The 4×1, you’re the only one left of the OG team. Keep killin it in everything

Toscano, Your tiny closet, and drivable microwave


Over these four years at Galway High School I have made many memories and friends.  I, Erik Malanoski, would like to leave some things behind for my friends and fellow GHS students:

To Alex Malanoski I leave you my title as the best Malanoski at GHS.  To the basketball team I leave you my smelly practice jersey and the #33 wear it with pride.  To the baseball team I leave you the #6 and the best family of brothers you could ever ask for.  To the Tec Smart group I leave you all the bus memories and all the crazy things that are carted on the bus for expos and projects.  To Mr. J I leave you my GED, a t pose, Oh Christian Tree, Country Roads, and the title as the Greatest Teacher of All Time. To Ms. Morck I leave you updog.  Hopefully you’ve found out, “what’s up dog?” To the juniors and underclassmen I leave my daily smiles, handshakes, high fives, and jokes. You guys have a bright future and you surely brightened my day.

To Galway High School, thank you for all the memories and educational experiences.  Our teachers, staff, and administration work hard everyday to make us the best we can be with little or no recognition.  I would like to leave you with all the appreciation and thanks in the world. I will never forget my time here at GHS and I encourage you all to enjoy it as long as you can because before you know it you’ll be in my shoes ready to walk the stage.  Best of luck Eagle Nation!


I, Siela Zembsch, still can’t believe that today is my last day of high school. Galway High, thank you for four years of wonderful memories, amazing people, and experiences I’ll never forget. I’d like to impart some last-minute gifts, inside jokes, and advice to some of the teachers and people who helped make high school so memorable.

To the incredible track team: I leave you Queen sing-alongs on the ride home from Sectionals (we really are the champions), endless prayers for Ultimate Frisbee, nasty side-eye for those Fonda officials, and “running two laps.”

To the future 400-meter hurdlers: I leave your stomach endless pre-run butterflies, but also infinite post-run chocolate, french fries, and Gatorade. You deserve it 🙂 Don’t let that last stretch defeat you.

To Mrs. O: I leave you an endless stash of dark chocolate, bus rides to NYC, a promise to come back and paint a mural, fanning over J.K. Rowling, scribbly, tiny-font Seminar sheets, one huge “Thank you!”, and one huge hug.

To Mr. Levin and Mr. Tripp: I leave you posters about mob grazing and crop rotation, rain boots, and one wooden duck. 🙂

To Coach Mal: I leave you pleads for Ultimate Frisbee, hurdle stretches, and a lifelong “Coach of the Year” award.

To Anna Wnuk: I leave you deep soccer-bus convos, endless pretzels, Jake Gyllenhaal, four-wheeling, stalking the Union hockey team roster, and a future Marvel marathon. Also, many future study seshes, ESF scones, SU games, and tree hugs. You da best. 🙂

To Rachel Wnuk: I leave you my spirit during future shake-downs. Whether it’s the misty soccer field during the Homecoming game half-time or the sweltering 100 m hurdle stretch, I’ll be there cheering you on and looking crazy with you as we “10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…” 🙂 Keep being wicked.

To Isabella Hart: I leave you Kirvin’s room during lunch (keep ignoring him), a mandate that you do the play next year, endless smiles in the hallways, and two Eleanor Roosevelt quotes. Remember that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” and “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” You got this.

To Dalton Sargent: I leave you watching Bohemian Rhapsody with Mr. Barrow, shower cake, Lake Placid snowball fights, and many incredible jazz solos to come. Keep being a legend.

To Cori Hardcastle: I leave you walks to the lunch room, groutfits, spontaneous drives to get cake, a meme about regretting flirting with a guy out of boredom, procrastination, and endless hugs, naps, and chocolate. We deserve it. I’m going to miss you so much next year, but that’s a problem for August Siela.

To David O’Connell and Ryan Lovelass: I leave you a frazzled period in Mr. D’s trying to figure out modern physics in 40 minutes (no biggie), an endless supply of water balloons to bounce off lab tables, and infinite thanks for helping me through that class. If only it was a group Regents.

To Lily Gullett: I leave you an endless supply of Dunkin, Tollhouse pies, El Cilantro tortilla chips, and gas money. I also leave you piglet searches at Smith’s, elevator twerking gone wrong, complaining about that ahem one class, another factory-reject stuffed animal for your car, one big bear hug, and a future muddin’ session in the Jeep. Next year, you’re gonna be riding with all the doors off to a beautiful FL beach, music blaring. Just don’t have too much fun with the FSU football team 😉

To Riley Flint: I leave you an endless supply of $1 bills and the hope that Holy Cross stocks their vending machines with Welch’s fruit snacks. More importantly, I leave you drama drama, incorrect “La la la’s,” political debates in the hallways, “It’s a wash,” plenty of gas money, dropped water bottles and lost phones, a pirated Netflix account, pints of pistachio ice-cream, and late-night Stewart’s runs. Those were the best.

To Sam Grant: SAM GRANT! I leave you with two laps in the 4×8, deep track convos, endless jump pics, all the cute Post-It notes from that Washington, DC Starbucks, a 1975/Lumineers playlist, saying goodbye at least 10 times, fangirling over our cats, a photo album of Shiba Inu puppies, and tons and tons of hugs. You are so stunning and brilliant!

To Jon Fajans: I leave you political debates, a confusing mix of awe and horror at your Trump impersonation, endless thanks for your cues during “Human Heart,” and countless naps behind you in Mal’s. Keep making people laugh.

To Julia Holbrook: I leave you with just one plead: that you delete all the pictures and videos of 7th grade me immediately. Except I also leave you with an endless supply of Harmony Corners BBQ chicken, running through your corn fields in summer, a huge stuffed pink unicorn, dates at Pizza Works, nights spent milking your cows, Lost by Frank Ocean, all the good oldie tunes you tolerated, and the hope that we’ll someday find our father. Finally, I grant you with one sleek, shining, red-and-white Ford truck; she runs like a dream, always stays clean, and isn’t inhabited by a ghost. Love ya.

To Christian Hines: I leave you a box of churros, the Voice, Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z, cruise ship conversations, endless sushi, and the hopes that we’ll someday get better at chop-sticks. And of course, a recording of our calc class singing “Christian Tree.” 🙂

To Mr. J and Calc 2018-19: I leave “Um… can we go over number 1?”, memorable FaceTimes, Christian Tree, drinking too much orange juice, an apology for all those laughing fits with Nat, and the reassurance that I’ll always sing the bridge in “Country Roads.” I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me, radio reminds me of my home far away…

To Josh Rumsey: I leave you lifelong “Cecereal” and “Sielian” passes, because is it even worth correcting you at this point? 🙂 I also leave you political debates at the Charlton Tavern, watching Bohemian Rhapsody with Mr. Barrow, a huge thanks for making classes a lot more funny, and a big hug.

To Natalie Zembsch: I’m going to cry if I recount all the memories we’ve had together throughout high school. You’re simply the best twin sister and friend in the multiverse. Nuff said. Although I will leave you with one GINORMOUS bear hug, millions of FaceTimes, and an endless supply of round-trip airplane tickets from San Diego to Syracuse. Hearts on hearts on hearts times infinity.

To Hannah Thompson: I leave you getting caught in thunderstorms, tipping over sailboats, laughing fits and sleepovers, dying over “It’s just a bathing suit!” in band class, painting docks, Mumford and Sons, and too many hugs to count. I leave you slam poetry, John Mulaney, and the words “intrepid” and “incredible” that come to mind when I think of you. I leave you so many future memories to come; I leave you lifelong friendship. You are truly the best! 🙂


**Class of 2019 Seniors: If your Will isn’t here, be sure to share it with Mrs. O today and we will add it in!**