Top twelve MCU characters we want back: Part 3

Top twelve MCU characters we want back: Part 3

If you have not seen Avengers :Infinity War or any other marvel movies I suggest you not read this article. Huge SPOILER ALERT. Infinity War was awful for one reason. Half of all the avengers ( and living creatures ) died. So I will be doing this to see which characters are missed the most. Now it’s time to see who came in the top four spots.

4. Loki – ( Aka the god of mischief and brother of Thor ) He’s a trickster. He was the first villain that the Avengers stopped. He might be bad on the outside but he’s got a soft side. This was shown in Avengers: Infinity War at the beginning when he gave up his the tesseract and his life to save his brother Thor. He is a fan favorite and we hope he comes back to cause more mischief. His death may have been before the snap but we were devastated nonetheless.

3. James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes – ( Aka The Winter Soldier and The White Wolf ) Bucky has had a rough run. He and Steve knew each other in the twenties. When Bucky went off to war in WW2,  Steve was given the serum. Trying to save Steve’s life on a train, he met his demise. Or at least that’s what the world thought. Instead Bucky was captured by Hydra and was forced to do horrible things. With the help of Shuri, Bucky was eventually able to become free of Hydra. Bucky never wanted to do any harm but was forced to. He was trying to make everything right when he got dusted fighting with Steve in Wakanda.

2. Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange was on Titan ( or what’s left of it anyway ) with Tony, Peter and the Guardians when he got dusted. Before Thanos arrived, Doctor Strange looked at all of the possible outcomes from the upcoming battle. Out of 14,000,605 outcomes, Doctor Strange said they only won one. Some people speculate that he was lying. But most fans believe that he did it because Tony needed to be alive. But we fans are positive that he’ll be back. The way his own movie ended suggests the producers are bound to make a sequel in the upcoming future.

1. Groot – The lovable tree. Groot has been shown as an adult, a child, and a teenager. All the Guardians love him even though he might not know much. Groot can only say 4 words: I, am, Groot, and we. He has only ever said we once. At the end of Guardians vol.1 he said, “We are Groot.”

And there you have it. The top twelve MCU characters we want back from the snap.