Top twelve MCU characters we want back Pt. 1 of 3

Top twelve MCU characters we want back Pt. 1 of 3

If you have not seen Avengers Infinity War or any other marvel movies I suggest you not read this article. Huge SPOILER ALERT. Infinity War was awful for one reason. Half of all the avengers ( and all living creatures ) died. So I will be doing this to see which characters are missed the most.Spider-man will not be included on this list. He has a trailer out for his sequel Far from Home. Other characters may be guaranteed to come back but Spider-man is the only one with a trailer. And with that here are the top twelve MCU characters we want back from the snap.

12. Heimdall – He may not be the most important character but he has helped out multiple times. Heimdall can see anyone, anything, anyplace, anytime. In Thor Ragnorak he helped get all of the remaining Asgardians to safety  away from Hela. Not that it did much good but he still tried his best. In Infinity War Bruce may have died if it weren’t for Heimdall. He used the last of his strength to get Bruce to earth. He may not have died in the snap, but if it weren’t for him, the Hulk may be dead.

11. Scarlet Witch – ( aka Wanda Maximoff ) She was first introduced in the post credit scene from Captain America:the Winter Soldier. She had her first major part however in the battle of Sokovia against Ultron. Her brother, Pietro, and her took a similar serum to the one Steve Rodgers took. They were the only two volunteers to survive. And from the serum they got powers. Wanda was given telepathy and mind manipulation. Pietro was given super speed.  She and her brother agreed to take the serum because they had lost everything. Their parents had died. All they had was each other.  Then Wanda lost Pietro she was heartbroken. Over time Wanda grew a connection with Vision.She was afraid of what she could do. She joined Cap’s side when he was trying to prove Bucky’s innocence. In Infinity War she had destroyed the mind stone and lost the last thing she had. Vision. But Thanos reversed time. And if you’ve seen Infinity War you know what happened next.

10. Vision – First known as J.A.R.V.I.S. He was a program that Tony created. He was a computer program in a synthesized body. Tony and Bruce used the mind stone to create him. The rest of the Avengers didn’t know if they could trust him. That was until he picked up Thor’s hammer. He was the one to destroy Ultron. When Tony fought Cap, Vision joined Tony’s team.

9. Falcon – ( aka Sam Wilson ) He was first introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He helped Cap to defeat Hydra. He was once in the military. Eventually on one of his missions his partner died. He has a jet pack which he used to fly on missions. He uses his jet pack to help Captain America. During Infinity War Sam was one of the people fighting in Wakanda.  He was also one of the many that got dusted.

So that was the first of three parts. If your favorite character wasn’t in this one, that’s okay. There are still two parts and 8 characters left. So be on the look out for parts 2 and 3.