Joseph Henry would be proud!


Sara Conti, JR. High Staff Contributor

Galway’s Science Fair

On Tuesday, March 5th,  Galway hosted a science fair in the middle school gymnasium.  Many elementary students entered along with approximately five jr. high students.  The seventh grade scientists were held to a different set of requirements by Mr. Tripp and were judged separately.  Abigail Conti (my sister), Cassie Ten-Eyck , and Jane Lapati won the competition for grades 3-5 with their project on Molecular Gastronomy. In second place was Gina Iaia, followed by Elizabeth Sheets in third. For grades 6 and 8, Spencer Newsom and I took first with our project on hydrogen fuel cells, while Jayden Devellis and Sydney Mariani were second with their project on dissolving sugar cubes, followed by Mariska Leszczynski with her project on terminal velocity. My sister and I were especially excited because that day was our mother’s birthday (and Mrs. Arisumi’s birthday) and that morning she had told us that we should win the science fair for her birthday. It was great being able to make her wish a reality.

The Joseph Henry Science Fair at the College of Saint Rose

On March 22nd, the top three projects  have the option to attend the Joseph Henry Science Fair  at St. Rose college in Albany. This science fair is mainly for students in Albany, but Galway sends students because of of our history with Joseph Henry. Jayden Devellis and Sydney Mariani are returning competitors at the science fair. After a few weeks of waiting, it was finally the day of the science fair. At 9:00 a.m., the competitors set up their projects,  Abigail Conti, Cassandra Ten-Eyck, Jane Lapati, Gina Iaia, Amelia Jordan, Olivia Davison-Gauss, Sydney Mariani, Jayden Devellis, Spencer Newsom, and I all competed in the event. The competitors learned a lot and presented their projects well for the judges. At 7:00 p.m., the award ceremony began after a presentation on chemists in the workplace, by  Patrick A. Jockiel. Gina Iaia won second place in the 4-6 idividual category. Abby, Cassie, and Jane won first place for the 4-6 team projects with Amelia and Elizabeth in third place. There was a trivia contest in between judging sessions. I won out of my session with a score of 42/50. Galway won many awards that night and hopefully the success will continue in future years.