Opinion on new voting age for local elections in some areas


Anna Dabrowski, Guest Writer

I believe it would be completely outrageous to lower the voting age in Galway to sixteen. I don’t know about other schools, but in our school politics are wrought with little forgiveness. Friendly debates are a thing of the past–god forbid you have a different political stance because “GASP!” you might not be republican. It’s ridiculous because whatever political party you affiliate yourself with arouses someone else’s anger. It is no secret that members of our town have extreme conservative bias, so people would be pressured to vote that way. I am also a big believer that in order to discover your real views, you have to leave your hometown. A.K.A. go to college. Until you have fled the judgement of your parents, and bias of your childhood town, you can not freely form your own opinions. If our town lowered the age of voting to sixteen, students would experience pressure from their peers, parents, and honestly probably wouldn’t be educated on voting matters. What sixteen year old is going to take the few hours of freetime they have to educate themselves when they could just go with the flow (what other people are voting for). Please, let’s not fix what isn’t broken.