Best Supernatural Episodes – seasons 9-13


Skye Fitzgerald, Jr. High EMC Staff Writer

When binge watching Supernatural there are some really amazing episodes. My friend Quinn and I have come up with a list of some of the best episodes to watch out for. During each season we’ve found the best of the best. So far we’ve gone over the first 8 seasons. Here are seasons 9-13.

Season 9

Episode 1: “I think i’m gonna like it here” Episode 4: “Slumber party” Episode 5: “Dog Dean Afternoon” Episode 8: “Rock and a hard place” Episode 10: “Road trip” Episode 13: “The Purge” Episode 18: “Meta Fiction” Episode 20: “Bloodlines” Episode 21, Episode 22, and Episode 23: “Do you believe in miracles?”

Season 10

Episode 3: “Soul survivor” Episode 5:”Fan Fiction” Episode 6: “Ask Jeeves” Episode 8: “Hibbing 911” Episode 9: “The things we left behind” Episode 11: “There’s no place like home” Episode 12: “About a boy” Episode 14: “The executioner’s song” Episode 17: “Inside man” Episode 19: “The weather project” Episode 20: “Angel heart” Episode 22: “The prisoner” and Episode 23 “Brother’s keeper”

Season 11

Episode 1: “Out of the darkness, into the fire,” Episode 4: “Baby” Episode 7: “Plush” Episode 8: “Just my imagination” Episode 9 “O brother where are thou?” Episode 13: “Love hurts” Episode 14: “The vessel” Episode 16: “Safe house” Episode 17: “Red meat” Episode 20: “Don’t call me shurley” and Episode 23 “Alpha and omega”

Season 12

Episode 2: “Mamma mia” Episode 3: “The foundry” Episode 5: “The one you’ve been waiting for” Episode 9, Episode 11 “Regarding Dean” Episode 16: “Ladies drink free” Episode 17: “The British invasion” Episode 19:”The future” Episode 21: “There’s something about Mary” Episode 22: “Who We Are” and Episode 23: “All along the watchtower”

Season 13

Episode 3: “Patience” Episode 5: “Advanced Thanatology” Episode 8: “The scorpion and the frog, Episode 9: “The bad place” Episode 10: “Wayward sisters” Episode 11: “Breakdown” Episode 12: “Various and sundry villains” Episode 16: “Scoobynatural” Episode 19: “Funeralia” Episode 20: “Unfinished business” and Episode 22: “Exodus”