Are you a Grinch or a festive wonder?


Hannah French, EMC Guest Writer

There are lots of different types of people that celebrate Christmas.

Type 1, the person that starts celebrating November 1st. “Midnight! Halloween is over and have a Merry Christmas!”

Type 2, the people that put their decorations up after Black Friday. “Thanksgiving is officially over. It is Christmas season.”

Type 3, the Grinches. “Darn it, it is Christmas time. Not again! I will ruin Christmas this year for sure.”

Type 4, the people who get all their shopping done on the 24th. “Oh no, no again! Time to go shopping for the family.” Gets to the store. “What should I get little Timmy, socks or a candle?”

Type 5, the worst gift givers and the repeaters. “Merry Christmas, open your gift!” Opens gift and finds the same pair of socks they got them last year.

Type 6, the ones prepared. In July, “I think I’m going to go shopping today! Oooo, this looks like a nice gift for my aunt.” Type 7, the people who don’t stop counting the days until Christmas. On the 26th, “Only 364 days until next Christmas, I can’t wait!”

Do you have a friend like one of those descriptions? Think of them this holiday season and have a Merry Christmas!